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2006 Year End Summary, Letter from Matt

Posted by nahetsblog on March 8, 2007

Well here we are in 2007 with a wealth of change and excitement in front of us. Last year was a year of major changes for our organization. This venture literally began over a trash can in my front yard. Hmmm? Let’s go back to the beginning. OK, so there was this guy Adam and he met Eve. OK forget that. Let’s start again. There was this little one celled animal and it evolved….. OK so not that far back. The question is how did we find ourselves in this position of the dominant force in heavy equipment operator training?

It literally all began a long time ago when I was a child. You see my father Robert Klabacka started his National Institute of Concrete Construction in Wisconsin in 1959 and one thing lead to another. After having six able bodied son’s to run this postsecondary educational enterprises. Robert retired and I left the business to pursue graduate school and start Heritage College in Las Vegas. After eight years of toiling in the higher education community I decided to sell, and at the age of 38 had enough money to retire and never work again. Ho Hum. Retirement was not for me, after my non compete agreement expired I was right back in the thick of things and opening up my next educational venture with a handshake from my neighbor and land owner Garry Hayes, literally over my trash can. Garry Hayes’ legal and construction related background was a perfect fit to my vision and educational background, and on April 19, 2004 the first class was started at the Nevada School of Construction (formerly Associated Training Services of Nevada).

2006 brought about a change of operational supervision and we separated from ATS related entities and formed the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS. This change was a natural progression from antiquated educational philosophies to a more modern, forward thinking educational delivery method. Whewwwww! So here we are in March of 2007, fifteen hundred and fifty students (1550) students later we are still hard at work training, certifying, and graduating individuals in this exciting and financially rewarding career field. Currently, operations consist of 85 employees in five different states and 2 countries.

Our mission is to approve heavy equipment operator training schools throughout the United States. Heavy equipment training schools approved by NAHETS must meet strict standards in the following areas: heavy equipment safety, graduate career resource centers, job placement assistance, heavy equipment employer development programs, faculty development, heavy equipment project orientation, and heavy equipment operations.Members schools and colleges of NAHETS must have the following:

* Full time campus director or college president
* Full time on site campus job placement director
* Full time on site campus financial aid director
* Full time on site campus admissions director
* Full time on site Heavy equipment training director
* Full time Certified heavy equipment training instructors
* 20 acre minimum heavy equipment training area
* 3-4 classrooms dedicated to training heavy equipment operators
* No other business conducted at training site
* Clean administrative facilities.


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