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Executive Decision Not to Undress Girl with Crane

Posted by nahetsblog on March 9, 2007

Today as president of NAHETS, I informed my staff that NAHETS will not be involved any form of heavy equipment sensationalism.

Recently someone from a major national TV network (or an affiliated group) contacted one of our NAHETS member schools, Nevada School of Construction, and requested information regarding the ability of our instructional staff in performing unusual tasks with heavy equipment.

This entity desired a NAHETS member school and or staff member to perform a videotaped production of a crane undressing a female actress. The actress, of course, would remain dressed in a tight fitting suit. However, the crane operator would remove a hat, a scarf, coat, and a skirt from the girl. I was able to preview a taped production of this performance from an European show that performed this years ago.

After reflection, because of the risk of potential damage on the heavy equipment industry, I put the “kibosh” on the project. This is not something that NAHETS wishes to be part of.

Coincidentally, you might know of the MTV hit show Road Rules. We’ve been “in talks” regarding utilizing their facilities and staff for a themed taping for the show. Like the crane production, this is not the direction to be pursued by NAHETS and its members.

On a different note, Nevada School of Construction will begin exploring the possibilities of starting a forklift certification program for local area warehouse forklift operators. According to Ahern Rentals, a local Las Vegas equipment rental facility, the need for forklift certification is in high demand. NV-SC will explore the possibilities of offering this class in the evenings with the intent of introducing their heavy equipment training program to more prospective students. Aherns stated that “50 to 75 people a week inquire as to forklift certification”.

I’m happy to welcome experienced blogger, Jessica Wright. Jessica is also an active member in the construction industry, and with her construction background and technology acumen, we are excited to have her experience on the team.

Matt Klabacka,
National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools


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