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Canadian Government throwing Money at Heavy Equipment

Posted by nahetsblog on March 19, 2007

Canadian colleges are receiving a windfall in government funding for heavy equipment technician programs according to an article published in a Daily Commercial News and Construction Record a Canadian publication.

Thus far the U.S. has relied heavily on private training to teach heavy equipment technicians and operators. Today the majority of heavy equipment technicians and operators are trained through a handful of private schools and public schools. This Canadian emphasis on financial assistance directly to institutions indicates the need for additional heavy equipment related training by our northern neighbors. Perhaps this is directly related to the heavy oil sands in western Canada.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS, placed an outside representative in the Canadian province of Alberta and is currently working with large employers including Exxon, Mobile and BP. With a home base in Edmonton, Kim Harrold is in the staging process of creating a heavy equipment operator conduit to those companies seeking highly skilled heavy equipment operators in the U.S. Kim Harrold can be reached at:

Kim Harrold, NAHETS Canada
National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools
Tel: (780) 719-4710
Fax: (780) 481-8385


2 Responses to “Canadian Government throwing Money at Heavy Equipment”

  1. joe said

    What is the pay rate? What are the contract lengths? Are their bonuses being awarded for positions up there? What piece of heavy equipment is in the highest demand for operators?

  2. nahetsblog said

    In early 2007, NAHETS closed it’s office in Edmonton due to complications with work permits for U.S. Citizens. Our immediate plans remain dedicated to the U.S. heavy equipment industry and training of operators in the States.

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