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Hybrid Heavy Equipment

Posted by Taylor Morris on April 23, 2007

It is expected that by 2009 hybrid pieces of heavy equipment will be sold commercially, in conjunction with Mack Trucks, a section of Swedish Volvo Group. They are directly involved with heavy equipment for the construction and mining industry.

With gas prices on the rise consumers are constantly looking to cut on costs and find cheaper ways to get around. The U.S. military is at the top of the list, consuming as much oil in 6 days that Canada consumes in a year, with the air force operating thousands of pieces of heavy equipment.

Two types of hybrids are in production to increase efficiency in vehicles and equipment, as well as decrease expenses. The two hybrids are the ‘parallel hybrid’ and the ‘series hybrid’. There is also a third hybrid technology being evaluated, the hydraulic drive.

The two hybrids use less fuel, create less pollutants, and have a higher purchasing cost. However, the cut in fuel costs is expected to compensate for higher prices.

Overall, it is expected that the hybrid heavy equipment, as well as other hybrid vehicles, will operate more efficiently than current motors and engines, be more friendly to the environment, and be more productive and efficient in accomplishing their tasks.


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