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Prentice Hall – Contren Visits NAHETS

Posted by mikemartens on May 21, 2007

Monday, April 30, brought to the Las Vegas, Nevada NAHETS corporate office a visit from the publishing company Prentice Hall-Contren. The visit included a tour of the offices of NAHETS as well as a visit to the Nevada School of Construction field site, as well as an overview of the corporate media development facility and an overview of both the Yellow Metal Bootcamp and the Fas-Trac training series.

The team responsible the creation and dissemination of classroom training material used by all the NAHETS member schools includes: Lori Cowen, Product Manager – Contren Training; Beth Muniz, Southeast region; Brian Mann, West region; Janet Ryerson, Northeast region; and Tom Kennally, Director of Sales.

While on-site the team was introduced to the field-training aspect as conducted at the site of NAHETS member school Nevada School of Construction. There they were able to view equipment-specific instruction, as well as team projects involving blueprint reading, surveying and site development combining classroom instruction and practical experience combined with equipment applications.

Prentice Hall


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