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Living the “High” Life

Posted by Taylor Morris on May 29, 2007

May 6, 2007

Gainseville, GA

Crane operator Larry Welsh is your everyday kind of guy. He works, has a family, and attends church. The fact that Welsh spends 9-12 hours a day operating his crane would appear normal as well. Except he is 190 feet in the air when he does it.

Everyday for the last 23 years Welsh starts his work day by climbing 200 steps to the top of his tower crane. He currently operates the Terex Peiner model. At times his days are slow and boring, just as any job can be. However, Welsh is not your average Joe when it comes to what he has experienced on the job. He has been in 50-60 m.p.h. windstorms and had his crane struck by lightning, (while 190 feet in the air mind you). He receives his lunch in a bucket that is tied to a rope. Not to mention the owls, falcons, and other birds he sees. But Welsh explains “the craziest thing was when I was working on a 45-story building and I got to the 33rd floor and as I got to the landing — there is one every 13 feet — I heard something growl at me. I had no idea what that could be and I look over and there is a raccoon on the landing on the crane.”

The crane Welsh operates currently is said to be one of the largest, or perhaps the largest, crane in Georgia. Welsh is one of the few who knows what it is literally like to “live the high life.”

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