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Recycling Yields Construction Material

Posted by Taylor Morris on May 31, 2007

Downtown Diversion is a 13-acre facility in the Los Angeles area that recycles construction material waste in order to create new construction material. Instead of lining landfills with a surplus of asphalt, lumber, concrete, drywall, metal, cardboard, and other material, the facility recycles what it can from this waste, preserving both the environment and the material.

President and CEO of Downtown Diversion, Mike Hammer, state that “For every ton of new construction, there is 10 times as much waste,” and that it is necessary for the city to recycle. Since its founding in 2003, Downtown Diversion has processed roughly 500,000 tons of trash back into the construction industry. On a daily basis, the facility processes 1500 tons of waste everyday. The source of all the material waste that is recycled comes mainly from destroyed buildings, where they pick out all the material that can be recycled. Hammer stated that Downtown Diversion preserves 75% of the waste material listed above.

Although diverting waste is a small industry right now, it is expected to grow as time progresses. It may even become a necessity as landfill and dumping sites reach maximum capacity. Currently however, it is cheaper to dump than to recycle, which drives many companies to continue.

Read original article here.

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