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NAHETS Awarded “Approved Content Provider” for

Posted by nahetsblog on June 28, 2007

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools NAHETS, has become an approved video training publisher with the
popular website
Skid Steer Heavy Equipment Operator
Matt Klabacka, NAHETS President states, “This is a major milestone for NAHETS to achieve the status of “training content provider” for one of the Internets most popular self-help websites.”

HowStuffWorks is the leading source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. Founded by North Carolina State University Professor Marshall Brain in 1998, the site has since grown to be an award-winning online resource for millions of people of all ages.

NAHETS curriculum development department and internet video department, in conjunction with yellow metal tv, have created a series of heavy equipment training videos entitled, “Yellow Metal Boot Camp.”

Skid Steer Yellow Metal Boot Camp Sample 1
click to view sample

The skid steer series represents the first of many training videos that NAHETS and Yellow Metal Boot Camp will produce, and includes live footage and 3-D animation. Each series begins with a “Safety First” component emphasizing the importance of safe operation of the equipment. NAHETS will publish, and disseminate these into the web 2.0 environment.
Skid Steer Unsafe Top HeavySkid Steer Unsafe ClimbSkid Steer Excavator

Klabacka says, “NAHETS is focused on a long term strategy in providing quality, publicly
available, heavy equipment specific, instructional material in a rich media environment.”

According to Klabacka, “heavy equipment instruction, which is made available to the public, can improve the results obtained through the equipment’s use, increase the longevity of the machines, reduce property damage and accidents, and, most importantly, help to cut down
on the number of injuries and even save lives.”

Heavy equipment accidents are common and many are preventable. After watching the Yellow Metal Boot Camp Skid Steer Safety module, Klabacka stated “Every skid steer rented in the country should come with this basic safety video.”

“Equipment rental companies across the country are renting hundreds
of skid steers every day and many of the operators are clueless on safety matters regarding this very useful, yet potentially dangerous piece of heavy equipment.”

Skid Steer Yellow Metal Boot Camp Sample 2Skid Steer Yellow Metal Boot Camp Sample 3Skid Steer Yellow Metal Boot Camp Sample 5Skid Steer Yellow Metal Boot Camp Sample 6

Chris Cannon, NAHETS Director of Curriculum Development says, “skid
steer loaders are not ‘lawn tractors.’ Many weigh as much as a car and have more power, pound for pound, than their larger cousins on the heavy equipment line-up. These small machines warrant a healthy respect. We will start to see an increase in small equipment being used as contractors realize how they can improve production and profits as the size of residential real-estate continues to shrink and the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ launches out into various projects; often without receiving more than a few minutes of training! These machines have come a long way since their invention in 1957 when they were just being used on a farm. More and more, the cost to own, transport, and operate a skid steer with its incredible versatility and the availability of many work tools is making it the obvious machine of choice for many contractors and rental fleets.

The ‘Yellow Metal Boot Camp’ Video training is far superior to a
simple instructional manual, pamphlet, or 5 minutes of instruction from a rental clerk or co-worker. Nothing takes the place of seat-time and professional hands on training by a qualified instructor; but in the absence of that, nothing comes close to these videos. They are professionally produced, high quality, and very engaging unlike many traditional training videos which tend to be rather boring. These videos have been “kicked up a notch.” They have great music, eye catching graphics, 3-D animation, and have more of the look and feel of an adventure; yet they still deliver expert advice, techniques, and emphasize safety as the number one priority. Making this valuable resource available to the public is a mandate that we, at NAHETS, feel very strongly about.”

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Inspections Give Insight Into Industry Accidents

Posted by Taylor Morris on June 19, 2007

Nationwide inspections show that the main cause of construction deaths and accidents is “by a fall from height.” 24 of the 59 reported construction deaths and over half of the 4000 reported construction accidents last year were due to this cause.

In order to remedy these accidents the HSE has announced that over 1,000 nationwide inspections will take place throughout June and July this year. Last year the HSE took action against 179 construction firms, where falling from a height was cited as a significant problem.

Here is a glance at various construction accidents that have taken place within the last few weeks:

In Iowa city, Iowa a 49 year-old worker died after a crane fell over next to him, causing him to fall to the ground from a height of 37 feet.

In Indianapolis two workers at a mall construction site fell 40 feet. One worker died and the other was left in critical condition.

Over a four-day span at a Phoenix construction site, two workers died. One was killed by trench collapsing on him.

In London, a crane operator and three workers were trapped 100-150ft in the air after a 300ft crane collapsed and fell about 200ft.

In Minneapolis, MN nine construction workers suffered injuries when the third floor of a building collapsed on them. One worker fell 35 feet and survived with little injury.

A 50 year-old worker died at an Alton, Iowa Wal-Mart construction site after being struck by a piece of equipment.

An accident on a Mississippi bridge left one worker dead and another reportedly missing, believing to be trapped under the debris.

These are a fraction of the industry accidents that have occurred recently. Everyday more are reported. Although we may think these types of accidents do not happen at our sites or in our companies, the fact of the matter is that they do happen. Let us use these recent accidents as lessons and as motivation to stop the spread of construction accidents. When it comes to this issue, one person, one company, or one job site can make a difference-the difference between life and death.

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Georgia School of Construction on Local News Affiliate

Posted by nahetsblog on June 13, 2007

The Georgia School of Construction, a NAHETS member school, was featured on the local Fox 5 Affiliate. Brett Martin, the Fox 5 “Road Warrior”, visited the field site early in the day to watch of the training exercises of our students.
Highlighted in the two-minute news clip was the fact that students come from all over the nation, from Maine to the Virgin Islands, to attend the Georgia School of Construction, with the intent of gaining various certifications in heavy equipment operations.

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Student Testimonial

Posted by nahetsblog on June 7, 2007

“My name is Tom Johnson.

“I’m from New England, Connecticut. I am 24 years old. I was actually eating breakfast with my mom and dad when they mentioned I should go to the Georgia School of Construction, member of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS, ( They said they would pay for it and I took them up on it. The drive down from Connecticut was 1,000 miles, and it took me 18 hours. I found out about the Georgia School of Construction through the website. The difference was the website. It was very professional-it looked like something I want to be part of.

“I really didn’t know what to expect-I was a little nervous. They were talking about job placement; they were really stressing safety. One of the things they said it would take was a good attitude. You have to be at the school at 7 AM, you do 4 hours of book work then you break for lunch, then you get out to the site around noon and spend the rest of the day on the equipment. It’s just like playing in the dirt.

“We showed up at the site and they gave us our hard hat and safety glasses. They could not stress enough the safety. We went and familiarized ourselves with the equipment there and we walked around the equipment telling us about the pinch points, about the grease nipples, stuff like that.

“Our first week we went over safety, our second week we really got on the equipment and really learned how to operate it and basic stuff, our third week it was more of skilled operator stuff. Level I was about skidsteer(bobcat), backhoe, tractor, dumptruck, watertruck, front loader, safety, familiarizing yourself with the equipment, and skill training on 7 pieces of equipment.

“The school stressed that their biggest thing was job placement so I put my confidence in them. The school would make a lot of contacts for me, they would write me up a resume. They went on the computer for me the used their own contacts.

“I stayed at the suburban extended-stay hotel, it’s a decent place. There’s a lot of people in and out so there’s always something going on.

“The staff is great. Jay, he is like one of the guys. I feel like my ability is much greater than from when I started. I feel very comfortable on the equipment that I learned to operate.

“I feel I know enough to start my own business.”

View the testimonial here

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New Lock to Combat Construction Thefts

Posted by Taylor Morris on June 1, 2007

Local construction companies in the Idaho Falls area are victims to thefts that cause thousands of dollars in losses. On a nationwide level, construction theft is believed to be a multi-billion dollar problem.

In opposition to these thefts, Joe Anderson, owner of Anderson Manufactures Incorporated, has designed a new lock that is expected to threaten the success of thieves. Anderson called his lock “indestructible,” but also pointed out it may not be impossible to break. More so than the ultimate answer against construction theft, his new lock is an upgrade from what exists currently. Most of the locks currently used break right off with a crow bar or similar tool, where as Anderson’s was “nearly impossible” to break off, and if it did, it took a lot longer to do it.

It would be foolish to believe that a lock will be the final competitor and stopper against construction theft, and Anderson points that out. However, with locks that are more durable, stronger, and harder to break, naturally it will be more difficult for thieves to steal. If nothing more, the new lock will fluster thieves for a time and prolong their efforts, but of course, Anderson is hoping for more than that.

Mass production of the new lock is expected to take place within the next month.

Read more here.

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