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Oklahoma College of Construction Receives Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Award

Posted by Taylor Morris on July 17, 2007

From June 2-4, 2007 the Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC) attended the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Conference, where it was recognized and awarded for its service to the clients of the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Centers.

Approximately 72 service providers attended the conference. Suzanne Constien, the Agency Services Director, represented the OCC and accepted the award. The award given to the OCC was for Outstanding Work with the State of Missouri for people with disabilities. There were only three of these Certificates of Recognition awarded, and the OCC was the only out-of-state provider that received one of these awards. The award was presented by Yvonne Wright, President of the association for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. She said that the OCC surpassed expectation in making clients and counselors feel comfortable about affiliating with an out-of-state school.








The Oklahoma College of Construction and the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation offices have been working together for over four months. During this time, there have been approximately 11 students from the MVR agency that have attended and trained at the OCC.

In addition to Missouri, Constien is also working with agencies in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. In order for these agency students to train at the OCC, they must qualify through their state agency, as well as the OCC being approved through the agency and on State Training Providers List. The OCC is building a strong reputation in providing heavy equipment training to out-of-state agency students, and has had about 55 such students year-to-date.Suzanne Constien

The Oklahoma College of Construction has been in operation since 2005. It is a campus branch of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools. The OCC is dedicated to providing training, education, and national certifications for students to become heavy equipment operators. After students complete any or all of the various training programs, then the College dedicates its efforts to providing job placement assistance for the graduates.

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