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NAHETS Internet Manager’s “Blast!” Off To Tokyo

Posted by Taylor Morris on July 26, 2007

Three…two…one “Blast!” off!


The Internet Manager for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, Mike Wille, flew in to Tokyo, Japan on July 21, 2007. However, he is not there to develop websites or work on flash programming; he is there to play the trombone and percussion.Mike Wille in Tokyo.

Since its opening in London of 1999, Mike is currently on his third tour with the Tony-Award Winning show, Blast!

There is no other show like Blast!. Nor are there any other performers like those who perform in the show. Blast! has its beginning roots in the Star of Indiana, the world famous and world champion drum corps. Blast! is a compilation of various musical, athletic, and theatrical styles molded into one ultimate show. It takes instrumental music and outdoor pageantry into a theatrical setting. Blast! portrays dancing, choreography, marching, drumming, acting, and instrument playing all into one performance. There are various props, colors, stage settings, and costumes that are used as well. The performers are the epitome of athletes and musicians, who are specifically trained masters of this new genre of stage performance. Wille said Blast! is like watching a ballet or play, where the dancers and performers are not just dancing and acting, but also playing the musical instruments simultaneously.Picture of Blast! Show

Mike received a scholarship for trombone performance in college, but decided that his best career interest would be a degree in computers, not music. So he graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Information Systems in 2003. After graduating, he specialized in flash development and website development. He started working for NAHETS in January of 2007.

Despite his expertise and skill in internet management, Mike said couldn’t resist the opportunity to go to Japan for the second time and begin his third tour with Blast! He says that deep down he feels like a musician. Mike is the bass trombone player and percussionist for the show.

In between performances Mike will continue to be involved with NAHETS’ web development.


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