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SCCC Training Director receives NCCCO certification

Posted by nahetsblog on September 12, 2007

Since May 1, 2007, Al Loya has been with the Southern California College of Construction as our Training Director. More than twenty years ago, Al was a crane operator, but had never taken the time to get licensed. In the years since, he has been running equipment in one form or another, as well as training others in safe operation of machines.

In order to become a certified crane operator, a written and practical examination must be passed. To get Al back up to speed with crane operation, SCCC sent Al to a four-day refresher course in preparaton for taking the examination. This certification will give the Training Director more validity, as well as a boost to the credentials of the training program.

Al will also be serving as a back-up instructor to our Certified Trainer, Willie Tubbs. The Southern California College of Construction believes in upward mobility for each and every staff member, and look forward to our faculty excelling in each of their chosen professions.


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