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NAHETS Sets Sails to Hawaii

Posted by nahets on December 7, 2007

When people talk about going to Hawaii it usually is associated with vacations, luaus, snorkeling, sight seeing, surfing, and so on. It is the ultimate tropical paradise. But just like any other state in the U.S., more goes on there than just vacations and having fun. One important event that took place in Honolulu is the annual National Indian Education Association (NIEA) Convention. The NIEA was founded in 1969 to support traditional Native cultures and values, and also to enable Natives to improve their communities through educational opportunities and resources. The NIEA works with Native Americans throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

38th Annual NIEA Convention: Return to Cultural Honor and Caring

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) was an educational exhibitor at this year’s convention. Over 3,400 Indian education advocates attended the convention and participated in over 220 workshops. Each advocate expressed concrete, statistical information on Indian education. NAHETS Native American Liaison, Sharla Patterson, represented NAHETS and instructed the educators about the educational opportunities available through NAHETS’ heavy equipment operating programs. She showed the attendees that NAHETS education and training curriculum can help the NIEA mission become a reality; i.e., provide Native Americans throughout the U.S. a real and lasting education in construction equipment operating that will improve both the society in which they live and also their own lives.

Contact Information

For more information dealing with NAHETS and Native American Associations please call Sharla Patterson at 480-248-0731.

Conference attendees visiting the NAHETS exhibit booth Conference attendees visiting the NAHETS exhibit booth

Tessa Patterson (daughter), Sharla Patterson, Sharon Norris (Tohono Oodham Nation) sightseeing on the North Shore.

NIEA Pow Wow participants with Tessa Patterson





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