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MAMMOET North America Interested in NAHETS OCC Campus Graduates

Posted by nahets on December 14, 2007

About four weeks ago the Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC) Director of Training Services, Scotty Gecks, received a phone call. The voice on the other end said, “This is Doug Allen Crane Division Manager for Mammoet USA. Mark Bell, our Operations Manager and I would like to visit your school next week. Do you think that would be possible?” You may have already guessed his reply was “Yes.”

During their visit, Doug and Mark spent time with students in the classroom and in the field. Their main message to the students was willingness, dependability, and attitude are what is needed at Mammoet. Doug and Mark said our six week crane program would fit well with their recruiting and training program. They accepted resumes from interested students and said that OCC’s crane program, personnel, and facilities far exceeded their expectations. They asked for return visits and will send us educational and promotional material.

Jerry McGinnis (OCC President), Doug Allen, Mark Bell, and Scotty Gecks (OCC Director Training Services)

Mammoet (which is Dutch for Mammal) is a world wide specialist in heavy and complex lifting and transportation projects. They have over 1600 employees operating from more than 40 locations in 32 countries. They offer a wide array of engineering, lift, and transport services in the petrochemical and chemical industries. They are also involved in offshore construction, mining, energy, and civil engineering. The USA division includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Trinidad. This division is managed out of Rosharon, Texas where Doug’s and Mark’s offices are located. Mammoet is also involved in integrated logistical transport solutions using its hydraulic cranes, barges and multi-axle self-propelled transport units.

As President of Oklahoma College of Construction (Jerry McGinnis) I am looking forward to the future meetings with Mammoet. We have been meeting with various associations and companies in the industry this past year to discuss potential business affiliations. This meeting with Mammoet was an unexcpected surprise, but also evidence that our efforts to reach out to the industry are getting through to significant companies and associations.

The Oklahoma College of Construction is a member school of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS).


One Response to “MAMMOET North America Interested in NAHETS OCC Campus Graduates”

  1. Rhett said

    You guys over at Oklahoma College of Construction are amazing!

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