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NAHETS Discusses Partnership with Piade, Estonia Vocational Secondary School

Posted by nahets on January 4, 2008

Below is a summary from Mike Martens, Director of Operations for NAHETS:

Paide Vocational Secondary School (Paide Kutsekeskkool)

The Paide Vocational Secondary School (PKK) is located in the town of Paide, situated in the very heart of Estonia. The school was originally founded as Paide Wood and Ironwork School, which opened on December 5, 1924. The first Headmaster was August Rode who graduated from Danzig Technical University. At this time 72 students were admitted. Today the Paide Vocational Secondary School is the largest vocational education and training institution in Järva County. Since 1944 Paide Vocational Secondary School has graduated 14,264 students. As of academic year 2006/2007 there were 811 registered students.


Paide Vocational Secondary School Campus

Road Construction is one of the 12 courses offered.

The training program for road construction workers is the basis of a 3-year study period.
Students learn:

  • Technology of road construction, road materials, road machines, cars and different vehicles, management of road maintenance works, and traffic
  • Construction measuring, technical drawing, site clearing and management
  • Creating open spaces and maintaining them
  • IT, economics and enterprise

Graduates will start working in road construction, supervisors, operators of road construction and maintenance machines, or road workers and this specialty is in high demanded all over Estonia.


Rein Oselin (left), Director of the Paide Vocational
Secondary School has initiated plans for a completely new
school over the next few years. In addition to a new
physical plant (including classroom, administrative and
dormitory/cafeteria facilities) Rein will be implementing
new curriculum with the goal of bringing Estonian
vocational training up to international instructional training



NAHETS Invited to Discuss Partnership with PKK

On December 18th, 2007 Mike Martens, NAHETS Director of Operations, arrived in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and was met by Rein Oselin and Elizabeth Parsons-Lenz.

Ms. Lenz is assisting Mr. Oselin with implementing his long-term school development project.

Over the next few days Mike traveled extensively, with meetings including the Mayor of Piade, Mrs. Kersti Sarapuu, Ullaer Vathramae, Governor of Jarva County and Teet Tiko, Head of the School Management Dept., Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Kersti Sarapuu–Mayor of Paide, Estonia

Mike Martens and Teet Tiko–Estonian Ministry of Education and ResearchThe introductory meeting with Rein at the Paide school included an overview of both his institution and a NAHETS keynote presentation. Mr. Oselin was impressed with the range of the NAHETS programs and the various instructional methods especially the use of simulators, multimedia delivery techniques, and the focus on performance driven objectives.

All indicators from the Estonian officials point towards a partnership between NAHETS and the Paide Kutsekeskkool (PKK) in 2008, with the goal of having Rein and representatives of his school, and from the Estonian government, visit a NAHETS school this year. A long range goal is for NAHETS to assist the PKK with heavy equipment and crane operator training curriculum and instructional techniques.




Estonian Travels

In addition to the official duties Rein and Beth filled the role as representatives of Estonia, hosting Mike in travels through Central and Eastern Estonia. Stops included a performance of the Nutcracker ballet, and in Narva, Estonia a castle hosting a Christmas choral performance (sung in Russian) organized by a group of Narva girls choirs.

Narva River – Russian castle on the left bank – Estonian Castle on the right bank

A definite highlight was the opportunity to take part in Mr. Oselin’s school Christmas program, a highlight of which was the vocal performances, by students, some of which were sung in English. As an item of note, English is a common language of use in Estonia and the country is very tourist friendly.

Mike’s final day in Estonia in the national capital, Tallinn, portions of which date to the 14th century.

Mike’s final day in Estonia in the national capital, Tallinn, portions of which date to the 14th century.

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