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Landscape Construction Magazine Publishes Article on NAHETS

Posted by nahets on February 1, 2008

Over the last 6 months, we have enjoyed various publicity opportunities here at NAHETS. Some of these include visits with Trimble, Inc. and Volvo, meetings with companies in Saudi Arabia and Estonia, a trip to Hawaii, NCCCO workshops, and more. Recently, we had another success that ended up being the perfect end to a great year for NAHETS . . .

It all started on Halloween–Chris Cannon, Director of Training and Curriculum Development for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS), received a message from Patrick White, a freelance writer for Landscape Construction Magazine, asking Chris to call him. Chris was a little surprised, as he never had any previous contact with Patrick. Chris called him back, and the rest is history . . .

Patrick found the NAHETS website through Internet searching, and decided to contact Chris for some potential writing material on heavy equipment operating. The two had a phone interview for 20 minutes or so; Chris never heard back from him until December, when he (and the rest of us at NAHETS) found out that Patrick had published an article from their previous conversation in the December 2007 issue of Landscape Magazine! The article is entitled, “Back to School: Heavy equipment training.”

Article CoverArticle Page 2

The article is basically an overall summary of what NAHETS does. Patrick asked Chris about NAHETS training and curriculum; i.e., he asked what NAHETS teaches at its campuses, what kinds of heavy equipment are used, about safety and standards issues, about the experience of being educated at NAHETS campuses, etc. Chris was a previous heavy equipment operator and foreman and was able to draw upon past experiences, in addition to his current employment with NAHETS.

Currently, the article is only in print in the December 2007 issue. There may be an online version up shortly; if that happens, we will let you know. You can visit the Landscape Construction Magazine website to learn more about the magazine. The magazine offers free subscriptions to individuals and companies related to the construction industry.

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