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Mammoet, USA Crane Division Hires First Ever Female from NAHETS Oklahoma Campus

Posted by nahets on February 19, 2008

Scotty Gecks, Director of Training Services for Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC), relates a graduate success story.

Attitude–A little word that makes a big difference. Monique Lammers came to our school not knowing if her finances would clear. It was nip and tuck at first. During this time of uncertainty she kept her eye on the prize. She enrolled in our Mobile Crane Program determined that whatever the outcome she wanted all the knowledge she could get. Her determination, positive attitude, and quiet confidence caught everyone’s attention. She had a full head of steam when the good news came about her finances and had already set the bar for her classmates. She had some construction experience, but she came here wanting something more . . . a lot more. When she saw the brochure and video from Mammoet Heavy Lift and Transport, she knew. That was it. That was the something more she wanted . . .

Monique Lammers

The more she progressed through the program, the more determined she became to work for Mammoet. It was during the last week of her training that Doug Allen from Mammoet called. He was in Hawaii and was inquiring about another graduate who had applied and I mentioned I had a “good one” coming up that was wanting to work for Mammoet. I knew Mammoet doesn’t hire until grads have their CCO, but he became interested in Monique. Before the conversation ended, he asked if I would have her call him. They had a phone interview and the next day he called and made her an offer. She accepted. Monique graduated Outstanding Mobile Crane student and has passed and received her CCO Certification. She is the first female hired in the Crane Division of Mammoet, USA!

See Blog Post “Mammoet North America Interested in OCC Campus Graduates” for background on Mammoet and OCC.

The Oklahoma College of Construction is a member school of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS).

4 Responses to “Mammoet, USA Crane Division Hires First Ever Female from NAHETS Oklahoma Campus”

  1. Elise Brown said

    21 MAR 2008

    To the HR Department:
    Would you please send information about your training and employment opportunities. The article about Monique’s hiring
    made my day! I’m considering crane operation as a career. I’m going to take CCO Prep Class @ Ridgewater Collge in Willmar, MN. either April or June 2008. My address is 828 Sinclair Lewis Av., Sauk Centre, MN, 56378 Thanks for your cooperation.
    Elise Brown

  2. bill said


    i was wondering how much mammoet pays there crane operators or employees in that trade and if they start you out on a crane when hired? thanks.

  3. Arndt said

    Good article, well researched. I wonder how much one gets for that job !
    Regards, Arndt.

  4. Jocelyn Jackson said

    While surfing the web I came upon rhis article. Simply, “Outstanding”. The article is most encouraging.

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