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Heavy Equipment Operation Now a Specialized Education

Posted by nahets on March 20, 2008

NAHETS came in contact with Robin Salisian at Construction Crossing in November 2007. Resulting from this contact came the article from NAHETS Executive Director, Matt Klabacka, “Non-Traditional Education For Today’s Web 2.0 Consumer.”

After a successful initial contact, in February 2008 NAHETS came in contact with Construction Crossing once again. In talking with Robin Salisian at Construction Crossing and Mary Waldron at Education Crossing, we were able to write another article, “Heavy Equipment Operation Now a Specialized Education.” This article focuses on the specialization of NAHETS heavy equipment and crane operator education . . .

Today, education exists largely because one thing–specialization. Every educational institution has programs and degrees focusing on certain areas of expertise; this specialized education allows individuals to excel in fields of their choice, thus helping society as a whole.

Until recently, the process of training heavy equipment operators lacked the degree of specialization found in other career specific training . . . see article

Yellow Metal Boot Camp

2 Responses to “Heavy Equipment Operation Now a Specialized Education”

  1. Rhett said

    Great article!!!!

  2. Freddy Ramschie said

    Dear Sir.
    My full name is M. Fredi Ramschie. I have just graduated of machine. last 25 march I send my application to the branch company which use your great equipment in bussiness. It is the one of branch office of Trakindo Utama in Pontianak. by some qualified, I did my first exam. Now I have been waiting for the next stuff. Could you help me to share me of your dvd or the others. I need that job to develop my own country which still has some potency source to process. including factory of CPO. I need your some suggestions.

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