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“Germany’s 3 Mile Island?” Nuclear Power Plant Crane Accident

Posted by nahets on July 31, 2008

How important is proper crane operator certification and crane training?  This accident recently shut down two nuclear power plant reactors in Germany.

Germany’s oldest nuclear reactor was recently shut down as a result of a crane accident.  The operator of the Biblis nuclear power plant said the turbine linked to reactor B was automatically turned off after the crane clipped a high-voltage cable during construction work at a water treatment plant.

A crane, remotely controlled struck power lines outside a nuclear plant station by southern city Biblis, with the consequent closure of one of the two reactors, the press reported Wednesday.

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Volvo Heavy Equipment Excavators-

Posted by nahets on July 31, 2008

I just came across this rather interesting piece on Volvo heavy equipment excavators.  Take a peak at some comments and review from NAHETS staff.

The full size Volvo heavy equipment excavator EW160B shovel is a great piece of heavy equipment machinery for all operators.  


Volvo Escavaators

Volvo Escavaators

 The cabin is spacious and has departments for the storage of personal items. The excavator cabin offers a good view of the road around the machine and reduces the blind spot. Tint on the  safety glass reduces the brightness of the sun. 

At the upper end of the scale, size and energy, Volvo EC700B crawler excavator does tons work of the characteristics that one normally found in large heavy equipment excavator models. The housing is designed to be strong enough to handle tough working conditions every day. Volvo offers the largest engine in the 70 tons class. 

As the small shovels, Volvo, the operator of the cabin has a wide range of functions, to raise productivity and convenience. The spacious cabin is plenty of room for personal effects, and has a good ergonomics. The seat is adjustable by the operator and the console control, the meet, regardless of any operator, the shape and size. The noise and vibration to a minimum in this Volvo heavy equipment excavators to reduce the shock and increases  material movement. 

The figures for the Volvo heavy equipment EC700B  are truly impressive. The trench depth of 27 feet 7 inches and is very impressive. The 11 foot width lane offers an excellent balance and stability.

We would love to have this piece in any of our member heavy equipment training schools, states Matt Klabacka, of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS). 

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New York Operators Union Investigated

Posted by nahets on July 29, 2008

Apparently reps of union local with 1500 members of cranes and heavy equipment operators was under the control of federal prosecutors for more than two dozen members were convicted of corruption by the Mafia in recent years.   This according to a recent news articles. 

It is my understanding that  civil racketeering after two requests for the prosecution in the Colombo and Genovese crime family, netting 26 convictions for extortion work of local members and representatives.  Wow pretty significant stuff it is accurate. 

I believe the indictment alleges that the mafia extorted union leaders to create a no-show jobs for employees crowd, while union leaders and members took bribes and kickbacks by contractors. 

The decree, I think, allows a judge to appoint an ethical lawyer and hearing officer to oversee the Union for a term of five years could be extended. The lawyer for ethical practices in a position to verify the costs and union contracts, to supervise the elections and the seizure of assets. The hearing officer disciplinary hearings will be supervised by the lawyer ethical practices and will be able to suspension, fine or fire members of the union. 

Apparently, the local union has agreed to amend its statutes to ensure his removal work process is free from corruption, employers want some employees to work to make the request in writing and pledging not to discriminate against or for some employees.

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NAHETS Member School in Local Media

Posted by nahets on July 25, 2008

By Jason Singer
Staff Writer, Oklahoman

The bulletin board that hangs in the Career Services Resource Center at the Oklahoma College of Construction is a constant reminder of the dangers of mobile cranes.

Nearly every morning, school administrators post a media story on the board about another on-the-job crane accident from somewhere in the United States, with body counts often noted in the headlines.

Thursday’s crane collapse in Oklahoma City, which resulted in one death, is the most recent example.

“There’s an accident worldwide almost everyday,” said Jerry McGinnis, college president. “But they can be avoided.”

According to Forster Barnes, the lead crane instructor at the Oklahoma College of Construction, about 50 percent of accidents can be linked to improperly trained workers.

“Most of these accidents can be avoided,” he said. “It’s a combination of being better prepared in the classroom and in training, and just taking your time in the field.”

Barnes said many of the workers involved in these accidents graduate from abbreviated three- or five-day programs, during which they can earn temporary certification.

He believes such rushed schooling can leave workers unprepared to both operate cranes and assemble them.

To remedy this, 15 states and six cities have passed legislation requiring workers to have crane-operating licenses, which require potential operators to pass standardized tests. The tests have both written and hands-on components.

But New York, Florida and Texas, where major crane accidents have occurred recently, don’t require such licensing. Neither does Oklahoma.

Barnes said that’s no coincidence. He believes if all crane operators received the training that students at the Oklahoma College of Construction receive, the bulletin board in the Career Services Resource Center would be a lot emptier.

The college requires students to take three- or six-week courses and to pass written and hands-on tests before certification is issued.

“These kids are prepared when they graduate from here,” Barnes said.

The college has been recognized as a national leader in safety and in almost every other major aspect of crane training. In 2005, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, certified the Oklahoma College of Construction as one of only five member schools throughout the country — institutions that provide top-of-the-line training and job placement.

The school uses a magnetized board to track internal crane accidents during on-campus student training. Red magnets represent days without accidents; green magnets represent days with accidents.

“There’s rarely a green magnet – if ever,” said Gail McCraw, McGinnis’ secretary.

But six fatal crane accidents in the past five months have thrust all construction schools under a microscope.

In March, a crane collapse in New York City left seven dead. Ten days later, another crane collapse left two workers dead and five injured in Miami, Fla. Major accidents in Dallas and Houston also have made headlines, in addition to the tragedy that occurred Thursday in Oklahoma City.

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Posted by nahets on July 24, 2008

NAHETS membership in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is the next step in strengthening it’s position as a leader in heavy equipment operator training, assessment and certification. Participation in ANSI activities will provide international as well as national recognition of NAHETS standards.

ANSI Welcomes New Members

New York June 30, 2008

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) proudly welcomed the following new members in June of 2008:

These organizations joined a federation that represents more than 125,000 companies and well over 3.5 million professionals. Under the Institute’s umbrella, this diverse constituency works together to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses operating in the global marketplace and to improve the quality of life for all citizens by developing, implementing, and promulgating voluntary consensus standards and related conformance assessment systems.

“Active participation in ANSI and its programs can serve as both a strategic and tangible asset for an organization,” said Brian Meincke, the Institute’s director of membership development. “Not only will they gain access to information and business intelligence that is not available elsewhere, but they will also receive discounts on many products and services. Equally important, they can build relationships that empower them with a voice and influence over the standardization and conformity assessment decisions that directly affect their business.

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Pedestrian and Mobile Crane Accident

Posted by nahets on July 6, 2008

The condition of a pedestrian who was hit by a mobile crane has been upgraded.

A man was crossing 80th Avenue SE near the Barlow and Glenmore Trail intersection around 7:45 a.m. Friday morning when he was struck by a mobile crane.

Police say the visibility of the crane operator was hampered by the apparatus on the front of the crane.

The victim was struck in the abdomen and dragged under the vehicle for about 15 feet (5 metres) before being pinned under the 40-thousand pound (18-thousand kilograms) crane.

The man was trapped under the right front tires.

Another crane owned by the company tried to lift the first crane off, but couldn’t because the second crane only had the capacity to lift 20-thousand pounds (9-thousand kilograms).

When fire crews arrived on scene they used specialized “air bags” and had the patient free in about 30 minutes.

The specific air bag that was used has a lifting capacity of 90-thousand pounds (40-thousand kilograms).

The man suffered critical injuries to his lower body and both legs.

He was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition. His condition has now been upgraded to non life-threatening.

Police are investigating.

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NAHETS New Blog Location

Posted by nahets on July 5, 2008

Nahets has moved their blog to here.

Please go to new blog and subscribe.

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Industrial Classifieds Introduces New and Used Heavy Equipment Buyers/Sellers

Posted by nahets on July 3, 2008

The following is an exact press release found at

New and Used Heavy Equipment Buyers and Sellers Introduced on Industrial Classifieds

The on-line B2B marketplace Industrial Classifieds, has launched a newly designed Web site specifically for construction equipment dealers, contractors and buyers of heavy construction equipment in North America and Europe.

Westborough, MA, June 28, 2008 –(– Industrial Classifieds, an international business-to-business marketplace for the industrial and construction communities, and a division of the Industrial Leaders Group, today announced the release of its new Heavy Equipment Classifieds website at According to Robert Huff, spokesman for the company, the site includes offerings to buy and sell a wide range of new and used heavy equipment from companies based in or serving the North American and European marketplace.

Huff said Industrial Classifieds also provides an online heavy equipment auction hosted by IndustrialSAVER. The auction allows companies and individuals to explore, bid on and offer all kinds of heavy construction equipment such as bulldozers, skid loaders, wheel loaders, tractors, heavy trucks, excavators, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, hauling trailers, trenchers, deep hole drilling machines, graders and other new and used earth moving equipment and allied products at

“With the launch of our new heavy equipment marketplace Industrial Classifieds now provides those in the market to purchase or sell heavy equipment the opportunity to meet potential suppliers and buyers all over the world,” said Huff. He added, “Whether one is seeking to buy heavy machinery locally or just looking to liquidate their own equipment, there are numerous social networking tools and other marketing resources available on Industrial Classifieds registered users are able to access at no charge.”

According to Huff, in effort to further its global reach, Industrial Classified will soon launch a specialized trade leads program enabling companies to submit RFQ’s to heavy equipment dealers and other suppliers in domestic and international markets. Huff explained the program will be designed to help develop trading partnerships among construction buyers and sellers worldwide with emphasis on Europe and North America. Details of the program is expected to be announced by mid-July at the company’s annual cookout to celebrate the first year anniversary of the Industrial Classifieds website being launched.

About Industrial Classifieds

Industrial Classifieds connects buyers and suppliers of industrial and construction products at Users can post and explore free ads to buy/sell all kinds of industrial and construction equipment, machinery and supplies.

Contact Information
Donald LaBelle

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Heavy Equipment Gears Up for Investors

Posted by nahets on July 2, 2008

Some big time heavy equipment companies are making some promising investments. Deere (DE) is raising dividends, expanding stock buyback, and investing on worldwide demands. Caterpillar (CAT) allies with Navistar International (NAVZ) to build commercial trucks and forecasts big profit. Oskhosh (OSK) is close to a breakthrough on the military Humvee. But despite these growths, stocks are still trading well below their highs for this year . . .

Source: David Roeder. Chicago Sun-Times. “Heavy equipment in high gear.”

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