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Pedestrian and Mobile Crane Accident

Posted by nahets on July 6, 2008

The condition of a pedestrian who was hit by a mobile crane has been upgraded.

A man was crossing 80th Avenue SE near the Barlow and Glenmore Trail intersection around 7:45 a.m. Friday morning when he was struck by a mobile crane.

Police say the visibility of the crane operator was hampered by the apparatus on the front of the crane.

The victim was struck in the abdomen and dragged under the vehicle for about 15 feet (5 metres) before being pinned under the 40-thousand pound (18-thousand kilograms) crane.

The man was trapped under the right front tires.

Another crane owned by the company tried to lift the first crane off, but couldn’t because the second crane only had the capacity to lift 20-thousand pounds (9-thousand kilograms).

When fire crews arrived on scene they used specialized “air bags” and had the patient free in about 30 minutes.

The specific air bag that was used has a lifting capacity of 90-thousand pounds (40-thousand kilograms).

The man suffered critical injuries to his lower body and both legs.

He was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition. His condition has now been upgraded to non life-threatening.

Police are investigating.


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