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New York Operators Union Investigated

Posted by nahets on July 29, 2008

Apparently reps of union local with 1500 members of cranes and heavy equipment operators was under the control of federal prosecutors for more than two dozen members were convicted of corruption by the Mafia in recent years.   This according to a recent news articles. 

It is my understanding that  civil racketeering after two requests for the prosecution in the Colombo and Genovese crime family, netting 26 convictions for extortion work of local members and representatives.  Wow pretty significant stuff it is accurate. 

I believe the indictment alleges that the mafia extorted union leaders to create a no-show jobs for employees crowd, while union leaders and members took bribes and kickbacks by contractors. 

The decree, I think, allows a judge to appoint an ethical lawyer and hearing officer to oversee the Union for a term of five years could be extended. The lawyer for ethical practices in a position to verify the costs and union contracts, to supervise the elections and the seizure of assets. The hearing officer disciplinary hearings will be supervised by the lawyer ethical practices and will be able to suspension, fine or fire members of the union. 

Apparently, the local union has agreed to amend its statutes to ensure his removal work process is free from corruption, employers want some employees to work to make the request in writing and pledging not to discriminate against or for some employees.


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