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Volvo Heavy Equipment Excavators-

Posted by nahets on July 31, 2008

I just came across this rather interesting piece on Volvo heavy equipment excavators.  Take a peak at some comments and review from NAHETS staff.

The full size Volvo heavy equipment excavator EW160B shovel is a great piece of heavy equipment machinery for all operators.  


Volvo Escavaators

Volvo Escavaators

 The cabin is spacious and has departments for the storage of personal items. The excavator cabin offers a good view of the road around the machine and reduces the blind spot. Tint on the  safety glass reduces the brightness of the sun. 

At the upper end of the scale, size and energy, Volvo EC700B crawler excavator does tons work of the characteristics that one normally found in large heavy equipment excavator models. The housing is designed to be strong enough to handle tough working conditions every day. Volvo offers the largest engine in the 70 tons class. 

As the small shovels, Volvo, the operator of the cabin has a wide range of functions, to raise productivity and convenience. The spacious cabin is plenty of room for personal effects, and has a good ergonomics. The seat is adjustable by the operator and the console control, the meet, regardless of any operator, the shape and size. The noise and vibration to a minimum in this Volvo heavy equipment excavators to reduce the shock and increases  material movement. 

The figures for the Volvo heavy equipment EC700B  are truly impressive. The trench depth of 27 feet 7 inches and is very impressive. The 11 foot width lane offers an excellent balance and stability.

We would love to have this piece in any of our member heavy equipment training schools, states Matt Klabacka, of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS). 


2 Responses to “Volvo Heavy Equipment Excavators-”

  1. Machine4u said

    I did not know, that Volvo produces yet 70 ton excavators. I still remember when they bought in about 1998 Samsung´s excavator line and start to produce themselves.. They obviously did a good job in the last 10 years.

  2. Rhett said

    Very Impressive!

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