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Arizona construction accident – Two Arizona construction workers shocked!

Posted by nahetsblog on November 19, 2009

Two workers were injured after being shocked.

Phoenix, AZ—Two construction workers sustained third degree burns after a crane swung into live powerlines and shocked them. The construction accident happened on Wednesday night, September 23, 2009 at a construction site near 25th Avenue and Broadway Road, as reported by ABC15.

Phoenix fire officials stated a crane operator was talking to another worker through a headset, who was working in a trench 40-feet below, when the two men were shocked. The crane operator apparently swung the crane into a set of powerlines, which then shocked the two men through the headsets. Rescue teams reportedly had to rescue one of the injured workers out of the 40-foot trench. Both of the construction workers sustained third degree burns to their ears, head, chest, and legs from the electric shock. Both of the victims were rushed by area emergency medical services (EMS) crews to a Valley hospital for treatment of their burns. The crane operator is reportedly in critical condition. It is currently unknown who employs the two injured construction workers. Police officials are also currently withholding the identities of the victims. Officials with the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) are expected to conduct a full investigation into the construction accident.


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