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Posted by nahetsblog on February 15, 2012

Washington D.C. Good news,good news,bad news, good news,two steps forward one step backwards.Their are signs that the economy is improving,and their are signs that we are still stuck in neutral.January 2012 unemployment figures went down for the third straight month.8.8 percent down to 8.5 percent even though that doesn,t seem like a lot each tenth of a percentage point represents 245,000 people. Their are some economists that feel that the reason for the decline is the "chronic" unemployed have quit filing their claims,but that argument can be made whenever it suits them.

Florida,The Ritchie Brothers are having a huge heavy equipment auction between February 13 and February 18 , if the prices of the construction equipment on the east coast is the same as the west coast ,the sellers will be happy.Their was two auctions on the west coast in Dec.2011 and Jan.2012 and in each one of them 75 percent of the heavy equipment sold for more than the asking price.

Oregon, The Interstate 5 corridor repair project that was authorized during the last year of George Bush,s administration is finishing the first phase , which was the all of the bridges from Mexico to Canada,the second phase is all of the on and off ramps and overpasses.This phase was supposed to begin in August of 2011 ,but considering the amount and complexity of the first phase, being 10 months behind schedule is not uncommon.

North Dakota, This is still the lowest unemployment in the country,the oil fields are still short handed. They are in dire need of pipe fitters,welders,heavy equipment operators,CDL drivers,engineers,and assorted others.If you are interested in working in North Dakota look at the web site this web site will direct you whatever you,re interested in.


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