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Posted by nahetsblog on March 1, 2012

A private research group known as the Conference Board said that the consumer confidence went from 61.5 percent in January 2012 to 70.8 percent in February 2012. Their senior technical strategist stated thatin the last quarter of 2011 everyone was saying that a double dip recession was right around the corner.The DOW crossed the 13,000 mark.

Tuesday February 28,the DOW was still 1,160 points below its all time high,but 60 days after hitting its all time high the biggest recession in the last 50 years started.The S and P 500 closed at its highest since June 2008,Nasdaq is higher than its been since December 2000, and all the other major indexes are all higher than they have been for three years.

The unemployment rate went down in January,that makes five months in a row and that hasn’t happened since 1994.243,000 jobs were added in January 2012.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics construction employment showed its highest level since August 2006,considering that a lot of construction is done by owner operators this is good news.The Bureau of Labor Statistics gets its information from payroll reporting records.Last year construction employment increased in 148 out of 337 of the largest metropolitan areas.

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