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April 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on May 8, 2012

Construction employment went down in April 2012 by one tenth of one percentage point,after four months of modest gains that was to be expected.Since the first of the year construction employment is up 5.8 percent as reported by the Detroit Free Press, the the largest gain in the first four months since the first quarter of 2005. Out of the 337 largest metropolitan areas construction employment was up in 148 of them, it stayed even in 44 of them and decreased in the rest of them. The two hot spots remain the same Bismarck,ND and Longview,TX.

A private research group known as The Conference Board has come out and said that the consumer confidence index went from 61.5 to 70.8 percent.Their senior strategist said that after the first quarter of 2011 everyone was saying that we were heading into a double dip recession and that unemployment could go to 10 percent, well as we now know that didn"t happen.The DOW , S and P 500 and NASDAQ have all gone up at least 15 percent over the last year. Unemployment peaked at 8.5 percent and has edged down four out of the last five months.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics construction employment is higher than at any time during 2009,2010 or 2011 but it still has a long way to go to get back to where it was at the peak in the first and second quarter of 2008.

The five largest equipment manucacturers saw their sales go up by four percentage points compared to the first four months of 2011,the used equipment prices have gone up by at least 10 points over last years prices,with the price of fuel leveling off maybe this years construction season will be a huge improvement over last years.


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