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May 11,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on May 10, 2012

Construction employment for 2012 is on the upswing compared to 2011 but its a long road back to get to the peak of the summer of 2007,their are some hot spots but their are more cold spots,ironically Nevada is the coldest,with Arizona right behind it.The housing bubble that burst in 2008 has hurt some areas of the country more than others,Florida,Arizona and Nevada were the worst Home prices are up inmany spots , according to the National Association of Realtors the median price of a single family home rose in 74 of the largest 146 markets,the biggest problems facing AZ,NV and FL is their are more homes that are being foreclosed on every month and they tend to bring the prices down in the surrounding areas. Foreclosures are expected to go up following the 25 billion settlement between the mortgage brokers and the federal and state officials.

Heavy equipment distributor UNTR a subsidiary of the Astra Group said that last year it sold more than 9500 Komatsu heavy duty tractors,that was the best year they have had since 2007.In 2007 they sold a little more than 10,500.

Caterpillar has reported that the first quarter of 2012 their sales were up a surprising 23 %,that is in addition to an increase of more than 29% increase in sales outside of North America.



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