National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services, NAHETS Blog

June 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on June 5, 2012 has released new safety signs,as safety tools on how to operate cranes,crane accidents cause about 80 fatalities per year,according to US Labor Department a vast majority of those are caused by human error,but according to the New York Times 99.9 % of all crane accidents with a fatality are caused by equipment failure, who is right I cant say for sure,they cant both be right.

Phoenix AZ,experts on the Economic Club of Phoenix are cautiously optimistic regarding the recovery of AZ,based on reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics AZ has gained 47,000 jobs back this year,but that is not even one third of what was lost in the last three years.At a luncheon put on by J P Morgan and ASU it was reported that since July of 2007 the state of AZ has lost a total of 314,000 jobs most of them were caused by the housing problems,as a percentage of the total working population AZ ranked third in job loses,now during the recovery they rank 8th.

Buffalo,NY the construction employment in Buffalo is still as robust as it was before the housing collapse,it was reported that Buffalo has had a 12% increase in construction employment in 2011,that percentage is higher than any other metropolitan area that is not in the oil fields,the oil fields are now Americas new gold rush.The jobs are there,the pay is great,but the living conditions are terrible,just like the gold fields back in the old days,experience in the oil field is not needed but graduating from a heavy equipment school or heavy equipment training is a huge plus,huge.And women are just as welcome as men,that is on top of the pay scale which is hovering around prevailing wage.


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