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July 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on July 24, 2012

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) citing their 2020 employment forecasts heavy equipment operators are listed at number 4,that is out of 101 career opportunities. These projections are for the next five to 10 years,Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that this line of work can absorb the most employees over the next decade,these are "in-demand" and "hard to fill" .Baldoz said that the basic skills that are needed can be obtained through graduating from a heavy equipment school or completing an on-the-job program from an employer that offers it.The qualifications are either a high school diploma or a GED,and a graduate of an approved program.

Basic knowledge that is needed are safe operation of a variety of equipment,some basic maintenance,hand signals or and radio communication,site planning, soil knowledge, ground conditions,basic map reading,and being able to read,shoot and check grade.Most common pieces that are used on the job site are Backhoe,Bulldozer,grader and crane.

Compensation depends on a wide variety of issues,where,when,who and who the client is,stating pay is usually between $3,500 and $6,500 a month.foreign work is available and the range in compensation is even wider than domestic work but it always is at least fifty percent more than here in the states.

Secretary Baldoz said that the opportunities are increasing in all of the heavy equipment construction areas but mining has seen the most in the last three years,their are a lot of mines that have reopened in the last two years because of the price of gold and silver.When the extraction costs exceed the spot price of the metals you are mining it makes no sense to keep digging,so when the price of gold fell below $600.00 per ounce , their were a lot of mines that shut down,with the price of gold between $1,500 and $1,700 per ounce those mines are now opening back up.

These web sites are advertising jobs for heavy equipment operators at $19.00 to $24.00 per hour, and for bulldozer and backhoe operators.

The Associated General Contractors said that heavy construction added 2000 jobs in June compared to the 14,000 that were added in May it looks a little dismal,but anything on the plus side is good news.

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JULY 2012

Posted by nahetsblog on July 3, 2012

LoJack Corp. has released it’s 12th annual construction equipment theft study, very few surprises ,there was about three hundred million dollars worth of equipment stolen in 2011 and only 8.8 million of it was recovered, a total of 40 people were arrested connection with the thefts, and 40 chop shops and theft rings were raided. The top four pieces of equipment stolen account for 87 percent of all the equipment stolen, the top four pieces are light utility trucks, back-hoe, loaders, skid steers and generators and the number one company of stolen equipment is Ford, that’s because the Ford pick-up truck is the most popular truck at the work-site. The States with the most pieces stolen remain unchanged, they are CA,TX and FL they have international borders and ports and a lot of equipment ,the dollar amounts are down from their all-time highs ,but that is a reflection of how much equipment was on the job-site.

Washington D.C. Conference Committee reaches tentative deal on highway bill,the two year bill overhauls the federal bill ,but no progress on Keystone XL yet,and none expected anytime soon.This deal is supposed to reduce the average time it takes to complete a highway from 15 years to 8 years,

Caterpillar global sales increased by 11 percent over same time period a year ago,for the third quarter in a row they have outperformed the pundits predictions,but the Joliet,IL strike talks have stalled after 8 weeks of negotiations. Also,the board announced that they were exploring all options and doing a study on up-dating their world headquarters in Peoria IL,nobody back their thinks that they are thinking about

moving but that is short-sighted on their part,I was living in the north west seven years ago when Boeing announced one day that they were moving their world headquarters,and what was highly unusual was they did not even know where they were moving to,all they knew was that they were going to take the highest paid 400 employees and go somewhere else,they said they were contemplating moving to Dallas

or Denver or Chicago anywhere but here,that,s how upset they were with Seattle, Tacoma WA.And sure enough one year later they packed up and moved to Chicago,that was after being in WA for 75 years,
so,don,t think it cannot happen to you,if the politicians in IL are not responsive to Caterpillars needs they will move somewhere else.

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