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November 20,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on November 20, 2012


Oh really,its about time , what were we afraid of . It is not like we have to worry about the russians taking over the world,they got their hands full as it is,and they figured out what those of us in the west already knew. Communism does not work! Communism as far as a working form of governing will not work for any length of time,all you have to do is sit back and wait, sooner or later it will implode on itself, it always does. I do not know why the House passed this bill ,they know the Senate is not going to be in session until 2013 and the House has the GOP as the majority and the Senate and President are both Democratic.

I’m guessing that they added a lot of amendments to the bill that are going to upset the other party.  Oh well,China has a dictator and the experts say that the China has more gridlock than we do? I’m surmising here when I say this but I think one Year after we finally lift all the trade restrictions with Russia their will be 100,000 people working in this country because of the increase in sales some of our businesses have because of the exports to Russia.  I know that might not sound like a lot ,when their is still four million people looking for work, but every little bit helps. We should do the same thing with Cuba.  Give tax breaks to any company exporting goods to the Land of Fidel,sell them Big Macs,blue jeans,rock n’roll, microsoft, Budwieser Lite, KFC, Hollywood,and anything else they want to buy.

Monterrey,Mexico won the Caterpillar lotto, Caterpillar decided that Monterrey suited their needs, the plant down there is going to be the biggest plant they have in Central or South America,they have already started construction and the completion date is right around March of 2014. The plant will employ about 1400 people and the products they plan on producing is excavator,off-road trucks and bulldozers. The NAFTA agreement that President George Bush pushed and pushed for, ( but President Clinton gets all the credit for ) made this real easy. Everyone is going to benefit from this.

I finally found out how the Community College in Biminji MN was going to train 227 people for heavy equipment,for 400,000 dollars. They are not a heavy equipment school nor do they have a heavy equipment training program,this program is for the employees that are already working in the iron mines.This program is a retraining program that is strictly for the mines,the mines are providing the equipment and tools and the Community College is going to do the training or cross-training and the employees are going to go right back to where they were working.

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November 10,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on November 20, 2012

SANDY ,SANDY, SANDY ……….who knew?

I thought only hurricanes warranted a name, by the time Super Storm Sandy came ashore the wind speeds were 10 miles per hour below the threshold to be considered a hurricane but no one was prepared for 13 foot surges,the waves and the rain caught some of them off guard, with the thoughts of Katrina still fresh in everyone’s memory I would have thought that most of the communities would have been over prepared.But it is a lot harder to do it than it is to talk about doing it,the fires, flooding,cold rain and storm surges makes it a wee bit difficult to prepare for every thin

How do you prepare for a 50 ton crane boom hanging 700 feet above ground? I don’t know , do you? it took a team of experts three days to come up with a workable plan on how and where to fasten to the side of the building,and since no one was hurt due to the crane I have to compliment them for doing a good job.

Damage estimates right now are between 15 and 20 billion dollars,that has it’s pluses and minuses,I’m surmising here but I think in that part of the country at least 90 % of the damages are going to be covered by some sort of insurance,I do not think even half of the people living in the ninth ward were the actual owners,80 % of the people living their were tenants and they could not afford to fix up the house they were living in because they did not own the house, and the people who did own the houses were reluctant to spend their time and money because they were still 29 feet below sea level and the ocean was a half a mile away,the hurricane did not cause all the damage you saw on T.V. it was the levies that broke and allowed all that water to come rushing in.

If 80 % of the amount of damages is spent in the next three years fixing and rehabbing all of those properties will be a boon for the General Contractors and heavy equipment operators in that tri-state area.No one knows what the long term costs are going to be or if the area will come out ahead,for a variety of different reasons you cannot compare it to Katrina.


Every ten years the party leaders have a party and while they are at it they pick the Supreme Leader, the term is for ten years and as far as any one knows no one has ever been anointed to the job and turned it down. The experts who have been following this all had their short list of likely candidates Xi Jinping was not on any ones short list but that was not the first time they came out with a surprise. The most pressing issue of the day is their was a little hitch in the economy’s gitty-up last month. Not something that any other country on this planet would worry about but China dances to a different drummer than the rest of us.For the last 7 or 8 years their economy has been growing at an unheard of rate hovering around 7.5% Well,last month the economy only grew at 7.15 % when adjusted annually,that was down from 7.65 % the month before. Every other country that prints their own money would be doing handstands and shouting for joy if their economy did half that good O.K. think about that for 6 or 7 nanoseconds,any economy that is growing at 2.5 % or better is satisfied,any economy growing better than 3% per year is doing excellent and 3.5% growth per year and you will get a statue made in your honor. And China is all aflutter because their economy grew at an astounding,whopping,fantastic 7.15 % per year. OH by the way the Eurozone is now officially in a recession,two quarters in a row with negative or zero growth and you are in a recession. Do you know what the difference between a recession and a depression? When your neighbor loses his job it is a recession, when you lose your job it is a depression. The Eurozone and China are joined at the hip with us,we need our partners to be in good shape financially, we need them to come over here on their vacations and spend their hard earned money,we need them to buy our exports. Their are parts of southern Europe where the unemployment for 20 to 25 year old men is close to 50 %, that is a recipe for disaster, I hope we do not see the police breaking up the riots with water hoses or police dogs, that is right around the corner if it gets much worse.


I guess it is better late than never, now all we have to do is get the Senate to pass the same thing and have President Obama sign it and we will then live happily ever after,well maybe ever after but at least we will be happy,according to the experts the two big winners waiting in the wings are Boeing and Caterpillar,that makes a little bit of sense,Russia has huge known oil and gold reserves, and that is what they have discovered, their is a good possibility that the known reserves are only 10 or 20 percent of what is really there. We need to business with them just like the Eurozone or the NAFTA agreement,why not,and as long as we are at lifting trade restrictions why not do Cuba at the same time,if you want regime change you will get it done ten times faster by doing business with them instead of ignoring them. Lets go down to Cuba and sell them Big Mac’s,blue jeans,rock and roll,Microsoft Coca Cola,Viagra and any thing else they can afford to buy. Ignoring Cuba has accomplished zilch.All of the exports they buy they buy from some one else.


The Associated General Contractors of America said that non-residential construction increased last month by 3.1 % when adjusted annually The state of Minnesota .along with the community college in Biminji in conjunction with the states Department of Labor and the Department of Education decided to teach heavy equipment ,the grant is for 400,000 dollars and their goal is to train 225 people,that is a little less than $1800.00 per student, the news release was a little sparse on the details so I am not sure if their is a heavy equipment school or a specialized program for heavy equipment training inside another school or it is some kind of on-the-job training within a mining company,I find it hard to believe that it is a real program.

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