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November 20,2012

Posted by nahetsblog on November 20, 2012


Oh really,its about time , what were we afraid of . It is not like we have to worry about the russians taking over the world,they got their hands full as it is,and they figured out what those of us in the west already knew. Communism does not work! Communism as far as a working form of governing will not work for any length of time,all you have to do is sit back and wait, sooner or later it will implode on itself, it always does. I do not know why the House passed this bill ,they know the Senate is not going to be in session until 2013 and the House has the GOP as the majority and the Senate and President are both Democratic.

I’m guessing that they added a lot of amendments to the bill that are going to upset the other party.  Oh well,China has a dictator and the experts say that the China has more gridlock than we do? I’m surmising here when I say this but I think one Year after we finally lift all the trade restrictions with Russia their will be 100,000 people working in this country because of the increase in sales some of our businesses have because of the exports to Russia.  I know that might not sound like a lot ,when their is still four million people looking for work, but every little bit helps. We should do the same thing with Cuba.  Give tax breaks to any company exporting goods to the Land of Fidel,sell them Big Macs,blue jeans,rock n’roll, microsoft, Budwieser Lite, KFC, Hollywood,and anything else they want to buy.

Monterrey,Mexico won the Caterpillar lotto, Caterpillar decided that Monterrey suited their needs, the plant down there is going to be the biggest plant they have in Central or South America,they have already started construction and the completion date is right around March of 2014. The plant will employ about 1400 people and the products they plan on producing is excavator,off-road trucks and bulldozers. The NAFTA agreement that President George Bush pushed and pushed for, ( but President Clinton gets all the credit for ) made this real easy. Everyone is going to benefit from this.

I finally found out how the Community College in Biminji MN was going to train 227 people for heavy equipment,for 400,000 dollars. They are not a heavy equipment school nor do they have a heavy equipment training program,this program is for the employees that are already working in the iron mines.This program is a retraining program that is strictly for the mines,the mines are providing the equipment and tools and the Community College is going to do the training or cross-training and the employees are going to go right back to where they were working.


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