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March 7 , 2013

Posted by nahetsblog on March 7, 2013

Caterpillar to Power Russia’s Largest Offshore Oil and Gas Platform

By MarEx

Caterpillar Oil and Gas is pleased to announce the Cat® 3500 diesel generator sets have been successfully installed on what is expected to be Russia’s largest offshore oil and gas platform. Three Cat 3516B (HD) generator sets will provide both essential and emergency power for the fixed platform. Each generator set can provide 2000 ekW @ 1500 rpm (50 Hz) of rated power. The platform also features 3x Cat 3412 fire pumps.

“Regardless of how severe the Arctic conditions become, the Cat 3516B (HD) generator sets will serve as a reliable power source for the platform,” said Sergey Chernyshov, Caterpillar Oil and Gas CIS territory manager. “In addition to the reliable, innovative performance of the 3516 power products, Caterpillar enjoys a unique ability to collaborate with the local Cat dealer to meet the highly customized specifications and our ability to fully support the product in the harsh environmental conditions.

Essential gensets provide a safe power source for the drilling process in case of loss of main power. Emergency gensets provide safe power for the operators’ accommodations and other safety features necessary in the event main power is lost. All the diesel generators can be interchanged in service to cover both the emergency and essential loads as per power demand. The packages are highly customized for offshore service and severe seismic requirements.

Manufactured in Lafayette, Indiana, the Cat 3500 diesel generator sets have been installed on countless offshore platforms around the world en route to becoming the industry standard for prime power. With proven performance in drilling applications, the 3516B series features market-leading power density, a long overhaul life and the ADEM™ A3. For this particular project, auxiliary systems necessary for climate control, black dual starting capabilities at low temperatures and snow conditions as well as sophisticated controls, monitoring and protection systems were included in the package scope of supply.

Cat dealer, Sakhalin Machinery, with their project team of highly qualified Russian and Expatriate Engineers led by Mahmoud Helmy, Sakhalin Machinery’s Power Systems Manager, successfully managed the project and led Caterpillar Global Petroleum’s efforts. Sakhalin Machinery, along with the global Cat dealer network, provides superior, around the clock service to customers around the globe delivering stellar product support upon the proven performance of Cat products.

Caterpillar to supply longwall systems to four CONSOL mines

CONSOL Energy the largest producer of coal from underground mines in North America has placed orders for Cat longwall equipment including more than 1,100 roof supports and totaling nearly USD 300 million. In addition to roof supports, the four northern Appalachia mines Bailey, Bailey Mine Extension, Robinson Run and Shoemaker will get 2 armored face conveyors a shearer and 3 shield haulers.

CONSOL also is equipping all 4 longwall systems with the Cat PMC R electro hydraulic control system for advanced automation and Cat Detect Personnel a personnel proximity detection system designed to enhance the safety of miners working around longwall systems. Delivery of equipment started in the fall of 2012 and will be completed in summer 2013.

In addition to the 4 mines receiving complete roof support systems from the Caterpillar facilities inLünen,Germany, CONSOL’s McElroy mine will receive 60 roof supports to be used in extending the longwall face. Also Enlow Fork mine as well as Shoemaker will upgrade to Cat PMC R electro hydraulic control systems. After retrofit of the old systems CONSOL will operate a total of 9 faces with PMC R control systems. Of these CONSOL will equip 7 longwalls with Cat Detect Personnel. CONSOL plans to make the use of PMC R controls standard in all its mines.

All of the CONSOL mines getting new equipment are mining the Pittsburgh 8 coal seam in southwestPennsylvaniaand northernWest Virginia. The Bailey and BMX mines inPennsylvaniawill take delivery of 25.4 t roof supports with 380 mm diameter props. The roof supports will operate on 1,750 mm centers and have an operating range of 1.295 to 2.743 m. The Shoemaker and Robinson Run mines inWest Virginia will operate 22.9 t roof supports with 345 mm diameter props with an operating range of 1.245 to 2.743 m. All 4 mines will have identical face end supports weighing 29.8 t and having an operating range of 1.295 to3.048 m.

The PMC R electro hydraulic control system operating each longwall has sufficient computing power and data transfer speed to allow adding remote and semi autonomous face operation. All roof supports will be readied for the retrofit installation of the Cat MotionMonitor system. MotionMonitor employs the use of several strategically placed inclinometers that supply angularity data to the PMC R system. With this data the system can calculate the geometric attitude of each roof support. That information is needed to steer the face when operating in a semi autonomous or autonomous mode.

By monitoring the angular rate of change during times when the roof support has not been given a command to move, the system also can be used to detect unexpected movement of roof supports as well as roof convergence. The detection of unexpected movements helps in preventing equipment collisions and enhances prediction of impending geologic activity such as rockbursts.

All roof supports will be equipped with Cat Detect Personnel part of the Detect capability set of Cat MineStar™ System. The system has the ability to accurately and reliably identify the presence of personnel and to transmit this information in real time to the local roof support control system to allow appropriate action to be taken to prevent injury.

The BMX mine will be supplied with 2 complete 470 m long PF6 armored face conveyor systems equipped with P 65 Controlled Start Transmissions and KP 65 CST AFC drive with installed power of 3 x 1,200 kW. These PF6 AFCs have a width of 1.142 m and can convey a maximum of 3,500 t/h of coal.

Source – CONSOL Energy

Stock’s Active Momentum – Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT), Manitowoc Company, Inc. (NYSE:MTW)

Houston, TX – March 6 , 2013 — (Net PR News) –, the leader for breaking information and up-to-date market activities on Wall Street, locates high-growth equity opportunities. To receive our FREE, comprehensive newsletter, visit

Today’s focus is on: CAT, MTW

The worthwhile stocks of the Farm & Construction Machinery industry of the Industrial Goods sector are in today’s spotlight, which scored heavy volume and were moving upward during the prior trading session. The active stocks were Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT), which remained a top volume stock in its industry and Manitowoc Company, Inc. (NYSE:MTW), which gained traders attention mainly due to superb trade.

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) declared the appointment of a new vice president and changes in responsibility for an existing vice president.

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Farm & Construction Machinery company moving up during the prior trade, Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) closed at the price of $90.21 after opening at $90.49. Stock traded during its last trading session with the total volume of 5.35 million shares, as compared to its average volume of 6.17 million shares.

During the previous session, the company’s minimum price was $89.99 while it touched its highest price for the day at $91.28. CAT’s beta value stands at 1.92 points, while its earnings per share was $8.49. During the last one month, the company declined -8.36% while its last 5 days shows an upsurge of 0.29%.

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Manitowoc Company, Inc. (NYSE:MTW) unveiled that its fourth quarter of 2012’s sales were $1.1 billion, 10.0 percent up in comparison to for the prior year similar period sales of $1.0 billion.

How Should Investors Trade MTW Now? Don’t Miss out a Special Trend Analysis

Manitowoc Company was showing a bullish trend during the previous trading session. Manitowoc Company, Inc. (NYSE:MTW) reported the increase of 6.16% to close at $19.30 with the overall traded volume of 3.41 million shares. Its market capitalization was $2.56 billion. Its beta value stands at 3.15 times and Manitowoc Company’s earnings per share was $0.77.

Manitowoc Company, Inc. (NYSE:MTW) has the total of 132.47 million outstanding shares. During last trade, the company’s minimum price was $18.41, while it touched its highest price of $19.43.


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