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March 26, 2013

Posted by nahetsblog on March 27, 2013

Lake County cities sharing their heavy equipment: Whatever happened to …?

By Peter Krouse

Whatever happened to a study commissioned by Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost that explored the idea of Lake County municipalities sharing their heavy equipment, such as road graders and street sweepers?

The study turned into a resolution that the county and 23 of its cities, villages and townships have adopted.

The idea is to help localities save money in cash-strapped times. If one city has a backhoe it’s not using, it can share it with a neighbor who then won’t have to go out and buy or rent one.

The state auditor’s office is developing software that will track equipment inventory across the county and indicate what items are available at a given time.

Not everybody has the same needs.

Willoughby Hills, for instance, has a backhoe, a sewer-cleaning machine and a mower with a hydraulic arm that can reach over and cut grass on the other side of guardrails, said Mayor Robert Weger last year.

What the city doesn’t have, but could borrow if necessary, are items such as a sewer-camera truck, bulldozer and asphalt spreader, he said.

The sewer-camera truck alone might cost more than $200,000 if the city had to buy one, Weger said.

Mentor-on-the-Lake also has backhoes and a sewer cleaner, then-Mayor John Rogers said last year, but the city’s lift truck went kaput a while back so borrowing one from Painesville, which has more than one, might make sense.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in Northeast Ohio are snow plows. But Weger doesn’t think there will be much sharing of them because everybody will be needing their own at the same time.

The shared services resolution "really formalizes an agreement that was basically a verbal agreement between communities," said Rogers, who is now a state representative.

The resolution doesn’t obligate municipalities to share, so why have it?

"Well, because there’s a lot of lawyers our there," Rogers said, and the resolution includes language that indemnifies the loaning municipality if something goes wrong.

Yost said he selected Lake County for his shared-services pilot program because it already "had a very rich infrastructure of relationships."

"They had already talked about the issues surrounding this kind of idea," he said.

Yost said he wants to come back after a year and depending on how the system is working in Lake County, introduce it to other counties in the state.

Caterpillar to Feature the Latest in Engine Technologies at the 13th CIPPE Exhibition

Cat 3516C (HD) to Be Launched at the 2013 CIPPE Show

Caterpillar Global Petroleum will unveil its latest innovative engine for hydraulic fracturing at the 13th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE). Designed for pressure pumping operations, the Cat® 3516C (HD) engine delivers horsepower and is ideal for the growing well service market in China. In addition to the Cat 3516C (HD) engine, Caterpillar will showcase the industry leading TH55-E70 transmission utilized in pressure pumping applications, a CX31 transmission packaged with a Cat C15 ACERT™ engine for use in workover rig applications and a C18 petroleum generator set for production power.

“Caterpillar is fortunate to have an established reputation as a trusted power solutions provider in the Chinese oil and gas markets,” said Felix Toh, Caterpillar Global Petroleum regional sales manager for the Asia Pacific region. “Caterpillar is one of the most recognized and respected brands for delivering reliable products and services for both onshore and offshore applications. Together with the Cat dealer network, we can leverage decades of experience in the petroleum market to bring our Chinese customers comprehensive, integrated power solutions.”

3516C (HD) Engine for Hydraulic Fracturing – Caterpillar has increased power offerings for the pressure pumping market to include the higher horsepower Cat 3516C (HD) engine. The 3516C (HD) engine offers 2,461 bkW (3,300 bhp) @ 1900 rpm, providing customers with more power to optimize performance. The engine is also available at 2,349 bkW (3150 bhp) and 2,237 bkW (3000 bhp) @ 1900 rpm. Based on the proven Cat 3512C (HD) platform, the 3516C (HD) is compatible with the industry leading Cat TH55-E90 transmission and is designed for harsh operating conditions of the pressure pumping operation. The new engine will be available through Cat dealer network for global customers in 2013.

TH55-E90 Transmission – The TH55-E90 transmission is optimized for petroleum pumping applications. Its evenly spaced gear ratios provide smooth shifting for pumping, providing for a much broader range of pumping speeds than the competition. The transmission with 9 speed option and deep first gear ratio creates application flexibility, and allows pumping at lower flow rates and pressure.

CX31 – P600 Transmission Packaged with the Cat C15 ACERT Petroleum Engine – With a great power to weight ratio, the lightweight CX31 – P600 transmission delivers input power of 600 bhp (447 bkW) with a peak input torque of 2025 lb – ft (2746 N  m). The CX31 – P600 is optimized for pumping, workover and cementing application and features advanced well service controls to provide customers with flexibility and optimal performance. In addition to the C15 ACERT, the CX31 – P600 seamlessly integrates with the C9 ACERT, C11 ACERT, C13 ACERT and C18 ACERT petroleum engines.


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