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New Lock to Combat Construction Thefts

Posted by Taylor Morris on June 1, 2007

Local construction companies in the Idaho Falls area are victims to thefts that cause thousands of dollars in losses. On a nationwide level, construction theft is believed to be a multi-billion dollar problem.

In opposition to these thefts, Joe Anderson, owner of Anderson Manufactures Incorporated, has designed a new lock that is expected to threaten the success of thieves. Anderson called his lock “indestructible,” but also pointed out it may not be impossible to break. More so than the ultimate answer against construction theft, his new lock is an upgrade from what exists currently. Most of the locks currently used break right off with a crow bar or similar tool, where as Anderson’s was “nearly impossible” to break off, and if it did, it took a lot longer to do it.

It would be foolish to believe that a lock will be the final competitor and stopper against construction theft, and Anderson points that out. However, with locks that are more durable, stronger, and harder to break, naturally it will be more difficult for thieves to steal. If nothing more, the new lock will fluster thieves for a time and prolong their efforts, but of course, Anderson is hoping for more than that.

Mass production of the new lock is expected to take place within the next month.

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Recycling Yields Construction Material

Posted by Taylor Morris on May 31, 2007

Downtown Diversion is a 13-acre facility in the Los Angeles area that recycles construction material waste in order to create new construction material. Instead of lining landfills with a surplus of asphalt, lumber, concrete, drywall, metal, cardboard, and other material, the facility recycles what it can from this waste, preserving both the environment and the material.

President and CEO of Downtown Diversion, Mike Hammer, state that “For every ton of new construction, there is 10 times as much waste,” and that it is necessary for the city to recycle. Since its founding in 2003, Downtown Diversion has processed roughly 500,000 tons of trash back into the construction industry. On a daily basis, the facility processes 1500 tons of waste everyday. The source of all the material waste that is recycled comes mainly from destroyed buildings, where they pick out all the material that can be recycled. Hammer stated that Downtown Diversion preserves 75% of the waste material listed above.

Although diverting waste is a small industry right now, it is expected to grow as time progresses. It may even become a necessity as landfill and dumping sites reach maximum capacity. Currently however, it is cheaper to dump than to recycle, which drives many companies to continue.

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Thieves on the Loose!

Posted by Taylor Morris on May 30, 2007

Police in Salt Lake City recently broke open a construction equipmenttheft crime ring. It is reported that the men caught typically were employed as construction workers during the day, and spent their nights stealing heavy equipment.

Policeman further reported that many thieves raid construction sites to pay for drug habits. Dave Broadhead of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office stated that thieves steal a variety of equipment, even paint sprayers and regular construction tools. He also said that thieves target copper because they can sell it as stripped metal for $2.50 a pound, making it relatively easy to pick up some extra money. A single contractor has been hit 6 times in two months, suffering a $20,000 loss in stolen equipment.

Houston police have also uncovered significant amounts of construction site theft. They just concluded a 15 month investigation in which they arrested 57 suspects relating to construction site theft.

Officer Craig Kivela, of the Central Patrol Division, believes that these suspects are directed by a small group of ringleaders, and that there are an estimated 40 related cases of theft. More than $200,000 worth of vehicles and material have been recovered.

Increasing construction increases the opportunity of equipment theft. Authorities warn that there is a market of thieves just waiting to steal property and equipment at construction sites. Implementing basic and fundamental security procedures will likely decrease the amount of construction theft.

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Living the “High” Life

Posted by Taylor Morris on May 29, 2007

May 6, 2007

Gainseville, GA

Crane operator Larry Welsh is your everyday kind of guy. He works, has a family, and attends church. The fact that Welsh spends 9-12 hours a day operating his crane would appear normal as well. Except he is 190 feet in the air when he does it.

Everyday for the last 23 years Welsh starts his work day by climbing 200 steps to the top of his tower crane. He currently operates the Terex Peiner model. At times his days are slow and boring, just as any job can be. However, Welsh is not your average Joe when it comes to what he has experienced on the job. He has been in 50-60 m.p.h. windstorms and had his crane struck by lightning, (while 190 feet in the air mind you). He receives his lunch in a bucket that is tied to a rope. Not to mention the owls, falcons, and other birds he sees. But Welsh explains “the craziest thing was when I was working on a 45-story building and I got to the 33rd floor and as I got to the landing — there is one every 13 feet — I heard something growl at me. I had no idea what that could be and I look over and there is a raccoon on the landing on the crane.”

The crane Welsh operates currently is said to be one of the largest, or perhaps the largest, crane in Georgia. Welsh is one of the few who knows what it is literally like to “live the high life.”

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Simlog President tours NAHETS Corporate Office

Posted by nahetsblog on May 22, 2007

Paul Freedman, President of Simlog, visited the headquarters for NAHETS, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, on Monday April 23, 2007. Freedman was awarded an associate membership in NAHETS and wasnpresented with a plaque from NAHETS president, Matt Klabacka.

Freedman granted an interview regarding the significance of simulators in the training of heavy equipment operators.

Nahets Simulator Heavy Equipment Training School Simulator NAHETS logo

According to Freedman, simulators are an essential element in the quality offered by heavy equipment training schools. “Simulators can never replace seat time; however, they do allow an individual the opportunity to enhance their skills”

Simlog was founded in 1999 to commercialize training simulation technology developed at CRIM, one of Canada’s leading research institutes in information technologies.

The Simlog website states:

Today, Simlog is a very special simulator company, for these three reasons:

1. Simlog has a unique product focus: Simlog is pioneering a brand new kind of simulator product called Personal Simulator which leverages the power of your PC to finally provide truly cost-effective training help for heavy equipment operators. Tangible recognition has come in the form of several innovation awards:
* Canadian Construction Association in 2006 for our Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator
* Construction Innovation Forum in 2004 for our Mobile Crane Personal Simulator

2. Simlog has a unique business focus: heavy equipment operator training in the crane and construction industries, forestry, and mining. We do nothing else. Practically, this means that you can count on Simlog for more and more simulator-based help to address your heavy equipment operator training needs!

3. Simlog has a unique instructional focus: because we are working in multiple heavy equipment industries, we’ve gained special insights into operator training challenges and instructional design for training simulation. Indeed, every Personal Simulator is developed in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, their distributors, owner/operators, and training professionals.

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Nevada Campus visited by U.S. Department of Interior

Posted by nahetsblog on May 8, 2007

On May 2, 2007, the Nevada School of Construction and NAHETS Corporate offices hosted a visit by members of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Lynn Forcia, Division Chief of the Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development-Division of Workforce Development, as well has two of her colleagues, Jody LeCompte-Garrison and Francis Dunne, were taken on a tour of the Nevada Campus and Field Site by Debra Forbush, campus president, and Sharla Patterson, Native American Liaison.

Discussed were the three different levels of Heavy Equipment Operation offered, as well as the Crane Operation program and housing options for out-of-state students. Tuition costs, financial aid, job-placement assistance, and success stories of previous students were also topics of note. While at the field site campus representatives were able to discuss in detail seat time on equipment, practical field site projects, instructor qualifications, and unique teaching techniques, including the use of Ipod’s.

At NAHETS Corporate Offices, the group was given a tour by Mike Martens, Brian Thornton, and Rhett Nielson. Discussed were out Heavy Metal Program, and our soon-to-be implemented online course study. The online course was of particular interest to the visitors as it would potentially cut housing costs for out-of-state students as well as facilitate an intense study of material until a high level of proficiency is met.

They were very impressed with our program and have committed to give our education information to the Native American tribes they visit at least once a year. They also personally invited Sharla Patterson to their National Indian Economic Development Conference in Reno, Nevada on October 31, 2007.

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