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Walter Clough

Posted by nahetsblog on July 20, 2009

The story of Walter Clough is not a rare one for many students that attended one of NAHETS member schools. Walter graduated from the Oklahoma College of Construction and is working for APAC in Missouri making 35/hr. He is an operator, but also doing site plans and other duties. This isn’t Walter’s first HEO job since graduation, but it’s his first full time job. 35.00/hr is very impressive for anyone, however for Walter it’s…. well…you gotta know Walter. I asked him his secret to landing this job (Apac was one of his job leads in his original packet) almost a month ago. He walked onto the jobsite, filled out an application and was hired on the spot!!! That’s it! We always encourage our graduates to not be afraid to walk on a job site and speak with a foreman/site supervisor. These guys usually know what their immediate needs are before the corporate office does. Anyway, Walter has been encouraged to do this for quite some time….he finally did it and it’s finally paying off. Congratulations to Walter!

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Mammoet, USA Crane Division Hires First Ever Female from NAHETS Oklahoma Campus

Posted by nahets on February 19, 2008

Scotty Gecks, Director of Training Services for Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC), relates a graduate success story.

Attitude–A little word that makes a big difference. Monique Lammers came to our school not knowing if her finances would clear. It was nip and tuck at first. During this time of uncertainty she kept her eye on the prize. She enrolled in our Mobile Crane Program determined that whatever the outcome she wanted all the knowledge she could get. Her determination, positive attitude, and quiet confidence caught everyone’s attention. She had a full head of steam when the good news came about her finances and had already set the bar for her classmates. She had some construction experience, but she came here wanting something more . . . a lot more. When she saw the brochure and video from Mammoet Heavy Lift and Transport, she knew. That was it. That was the something more she wanted . . .

Monique Lammers

The more she progressed through the program, the more determined she became to work for Mammoet. It was during the last week of her training that Doug Allen from Mammoet called. He was in Hawaii and was inquiring about another graduate who had applied and I mentioned I had a “good one” coming up that was wanting to work for Mammoet. I knew Mammoet doesn’t hire until grads have their CCO, but he became interested in Monique. Before the conversation ended, he asked if I would have her call him. They had a phone interview and the next day he called and made her an offer. She accepted. Monique graduated Outstanding Mobile Crane student and has passed and received her CCO Certification. She is the first female hired in the Crane Division of Mammoet, USA!

See Blog Post “Mammoet North America Interested in OCC Campus Graduates” for background on Mammoet and OCC.

The Oklahoma College of Construction is a member school of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS).

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MAMMOET North America Interested in NAHETS OCC Campus Graduates

Posted by nahets on December 14, 2007

About four weeks ago the Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC) Director of Training Services, Scotty Gecks, received a phone call. The voice on the other end said, “This is Doug Allen Crane Division Manager for Mammoet USA. Mark Bell, our Operations Manager and I would like to visit your school next week. Do you think that would be possible?” You may have already guessed his reply was “Yes.”

During their visit, Doug and Mark spent time with students in the classroom and in the field. Their main message to the students was willingness, dependability, and attitude are what is needed at Mammoet. Doug and Mark said our six week crane program would fit well with their recruiting and training program. They accepted resumes from interested students and said that OCC’s crane program, personnel, and facilities far exceeded their expectations. They asked for return visits and will send us educational and promotional material.

Jerry McGinnis (OCC President), Doug Allen, Mark Bell, and Scotty Gecks (OCC Director Training Services)

Mammoet (which is Dutch for Mammal) is a world wide specialist in heavy and complex lifting and transportation projects. They have over 1600 employees operating from more than 40 locations in 32 countries. They offer a wide array of engineering, lift, and transport services in the petrochemical and chemical industries. They are also involved in offshore construction, mining, energy, and civil engineering. The USA division includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Trinidad. This division is managed out of Rosharon, Texas where Doug’s and Mark’s offices are located. Mammoet is also involved in integrated logistical transport solutions using its hydraulic cranes, barges and multi-axle self-propelled transport units.

As President of Oklahoma College of Construction (Jerry McGinnis) I am looking forward to the future meetings with Mammoet. We have been meeting with various associations and companies in the industry this past year to discuss potential business affiliations. This meeting with Mammoet was an unexcpected surprise, but also evidence that our efforts to reach out to the industry are getting through to significant companies and associations.

The Oklahoma College of Construction is a member school of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS).

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First Career Fair For Southern California College of Construction

Posted by Taylor Morris on September 11, 2007

September 4, 2007-San Bernardino, CA-The Southern California College of Construction (SCCC) held its first in-house career fair on August 30, 2007. The purpose of the fair was to expose the SCCC students and graduates to various employers. The fair also allowed employers to become acquainted with the students and graduates-their potential employees.

Throughout the fair, students and graduates did on-the-spot interviews with various potential employers. Many industry-leading companies and employers attended including the following: Volvo Rents, Phelps Dodge, Aerotek, Riverside County Waste Management, Hub Construction, and the Veterans Vocational Rehab. The students also had their professional resumes ready for the companies to see.

Regarding the career fair, President of the SCCC, Henry Salgado, said ” We believe in our product and we believe in our students; we want to give our students the best possible chance in obtaining employment within the heavy equipment and construction industries.” SCCC career services director, Rocio Rodriguez, was the main organizer of the event. She worked with several companies in attendance, and helped prepare the students by assisting them in compiling their resumes.

Student and Employer Exchanging Handshakes

The Southern California College of Construction opened in June of 2007. It is a member college of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools ( The mission of the SCCC is to provide professional heavy equipment training and education to students, so they can become certified heavy equipment operators. The SCCC focuses on job placement assistance within the industry once students complete their training and become certified.

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Oklahoma College of Construction Receives Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Award

Posted by Taylor Morris on July 17, 2007

From June 2-4, 2007 the Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC) attended the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Conference, where it was recognized and awarded for its service to the clients of the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Centers.

Approximately 72 service providers attended the conference. Suzanne Constien, the Agency Services Director, represented the OCC and accepted the award. The award given to the OCC was for Outstanding Work with the State of Missouri for people with disabilities. There were only three of these Certificates of Recognition awarded, and the OCC was the only out-of-state provider that received one of these awards. The award was presented by Yvonne Wright, President of the association for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. She said that the OCC surpassed expectation in making clients and counselors feel comfortable about affiliating with an out-of-state school.








The Oklahoma College of Construction and the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation offices have been working together for over four months. During this time, there have been approximately 11 students from the MVR agency that have attended and trained at the OCC.

In addition to Missouri, Constien is also working with agencies in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. In order for these agency students to train at the OCC, they must qualify through their state agency, as well as the OCC being approved through the agency and on State Training Providers List. The OCC is building a strong reputation in providing heavy equipment training to out-of-state agency students, and has had about 55 such students year-to-date.Suzanne Constien

The Oklahoma College of Construction has been in operation since 2005. It is a campus branch of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools. The OCC is dedicated to providing training, education, and national certifications for students to become heavy equipment operators. After students complete any or all of the various training programs, then the College dedicates its efforts to providing job placement assistance for the graduates.

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Student Testimonial

Posted by nahetsblog on June 7, 2007

“My name is Tom Johnson.

“I’m from New England, Connecticut. I am 24 years old. I was actually eating breakfast with my mom and dad when they mentioned I should go to the Georgia School of Construction, member of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS, ( They said they would pay for it and I took them up on it. The drive down from Connecticut was 1,000 miles, and it took me 18 hours. I found out about the Georgia School of Construction through the website. The difference was the website. It was very professional-it looked like something I want to be part of.

“I really didn’t know what to expect-I was a little nervous. They were talking about job placement; they were really stressing safety. One of the things they said it would take was a good attitude. You have to be at the school at 7 AM, you do 4 hours of book work then you break for lunch, then you get out to the site around noon and spend the rest of the day on the equipment. It’s just like playing in the dirt.

“We showed up at the site and they gave us our hard hat and safety glasses. They could not stress enough the safety. We went and familiarized ourselves with the equipment there and we walked around the equipment telling us about the pinch points, about the grease nipples, stuff like that.

“Our first week we went over safety, our second week we really got on the equipment and really learned how to operate it and basic stuff, our third week it was more of skilled operator stuff. Level I was about skidsteer(bobcat), backhoe, tractor, dumptruck, watertruck, front loader, safety, familiarizing yourself with the equipment, and skill training on 7 pieces of equipment.

“The school stressed that their biggest thing was job placement so I put my confidence in them. The school would make a lot of contacts for me, they would write me up a resume. They went on the computer for me the used their own contacts.

“I stayed at the suburban extended-stay hotel, it’s a decent place. There’s a lot of people in and out so there’s always something going on.

“The staff is great. Jay, he is like one of the guys. I feel like my ability is much greater than from when I started. I feel very comfortable on the equipment that I learned to operate.

“I feel I know enough to start my own business.”

View the testimonial here

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Canadian Government throwing Money at Heavy Equipment

Posted by nahetsblog on March 19, 2007

Canadian colleges are receiving a windfall in government funding for heavy equipment technician programs according to an article published in a Daily Commercial News and Construction Record a Canadian publication.

Thus far the U.S. has relied heavily on private training to teach heavy equipment technicians and operators. Today the majority of heavy equipment technicians and operators are trained through a handful of private schools and public schools. This Canadian emphasis on financial assistance directly to institutions indicates the need for additional heavy equipment related training by our northern neighbors. Perhaps this is directly related to the heavy oil sands in western Canada.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS, placed an outside representative in the Canadian province of Alberta and is currently working with large employers including Exxon, Mobile and BP. With a home base in Edmonton, Kim Harrold is in the staging process of creating a heavy equipment operator conduit to those companies seeking highly skilled heavy equipment operators in the U.S. Kim Harrold can be reached at:

Kim Harrold, NAHETS Canada
National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools
Tel: (780) 719-4710
Fax: (780) 481-8385

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GA School of Construction: Recent Graduate Opportunities

Posted by nahetsblog on March 15, 2007

East Coast Drilling and Blasting attended the last two graduations at the Georgia School of Construction and hired 5 of our graduates. They called in today and need to fill 5 crews in the next few weeks and will be at the school this Friday, March 16, to conduct interviews.

Phoenix Crane, who hired John Carrio from our Crane Program, has started an apprentice program specifically targeted for graduates of our school. They started the interview process this week to find the next student to fill the apprenticeship.

Darrell Woodrum
Georgia School of Construction

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