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Fires Shut Down Southern California College of Construction

Posted by Taylor Morris on October 31, 2007

I am sure you have heard by now about the wild fires in California. It has been reported by various sources that over 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed or damaged, over 1 million people evacuated, and over 1 billion dollars in damage. The wildfires began on October 21. By now, most of the fires have been contained, and evacuees are returning “home,”(but not necessarily to their “houses”). Although a minor event throughout the fires, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Schools (NAHETS), was affected, as the member college-Southern California College of Construction (SCCC) was shut down due to the fires. From October 22-24 the campus was not in operation due to the heavy smoke and ash in the air. The hearts of NAHETS and SCCC staffs go out to all those affected by the disaster. Here is what it looked like in San Bernardino (location of SCCC):

Fire in the sky at SCCC

Smoke and Ash


Dust and Smoke

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Heavy Equipment Goes Multimedia with NAHETS Video Distribution

Posted by nahets on October 22, 2007

Since early 2007, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) has been filming, editing, and distributing videos on heavy equipment throughout the world-wide web. Now that nearly 100 videos are distributed, people from the industry to the general public viewer can become more familiar, knowledgeable, and aware of the different kinds of heavy equipment and about the association that trains and educates people to operate that equipment—NAHETS.

NAHETS heavy equipment videos are found on almost every video distribution site on the web; however, there is a main video catalog where videos are listed and organized. Here you will find videos that profile various kinds of heavy equipment: backhoes, cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, and more. Some videos show student testimonials that explain their experience in attending NAHETS schools. Other videos talk about safety, job placement assistance, how to get started in becoming a heavy equipment operator. Complementary to the videos are links to related sites and an RSS feed for industry-related news.

In addition to the video catalog, internet users can type in keywords such as, “heavy equipment school” and “nahets,” to find videos on various distribution sites. You will also find other videos at

As to the purpose and mission behind heavy equipment video distribution for NAHETS, Matt Klabacka, executive director, said the following:

When it comes to learning and becoming familiar with a concept—especially heavy equipment operating—people always learn better when they can see something visual. It enhances the learning process. This is why NAHETS has visually-oriented websites and uses simulators in heavy equipment training. This is also why NAHETS is dedicated to distributing videos on the heavy equipment operating industry throughout the internet. Some may think it is not a bid deal, but there are people out there who will benefit greatly—from seeing—what heavy equipment operators do and where they can go in order to become heavy equipment operators.


The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) officially started in 2006. Its mission is to train, educate, certify, and provide job placement assistance for those aspiring to become heavy equipment operators. There are currently five NAHETS member schools and colleges across the country that have been in operation both before and after NAHETS was founded. These schools and colleges are united in providing the most skilled entry-level heavy equipment operators for the construction and heavy equipment industries.



Matt Klabacka, Executive Director
2920 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Ste. 822
Henderson, NV 89014
702-644-9315 ext. 232

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Heavy Equipment for Kids

Posted by nahets on October 12, 2007

You know how it is . . . you give your little ones some spaghetti and by the time they are finished with it, most of it is in their hair or on the ground, with sauce dumped all over their face. There is just something about kids playing with their food that seems to come inherently. It also seems natural for children to play with tractors, trucks, trains, etc. . .Well, how about putting them together? Two of a child’s favorite things mixed into one!

Take a look at “Constructive Eating Utensils.” Now your children can use a “dozer” to push mash potatoes onto their “front-loader spoon.” They can also extend their “forklift” to unload vegetables into their mouths.

Constructive Eating Utensils


Its about time that your children have a new way to play with their food (and maybe even eat it too). They are probably sick of using their hands, and the “airplane” technique is kind of overused. Who knows . . . someday they might even make a career out of it (

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Worldwide Trimble, Inc. Tours NAHETS HQ and Member School in Vegas

Posted by Taylor Morris on October 5, 2007

September 19 was a Wednesday out of the norm for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS). Tom Dobson, worldwide construction training manager for Trimble, Inc., visited NAHETS headquarters in Henderson, Nevada. The purpose of his visit was to explore a joint venture between NAHETS member schools and Trimble, Inc.—i.e., to provide customer training for the full range of Trimble construction-related products.

Mike Martens, Director of Operations at NAHETS, conducted the visit with Dobson. Martens provided an overview of NAHETS as they toured the corporate offices in Henderson, Nevada, after which they traveled to the site of NAHETS member institution, the Nevada School of Construction (NVSC), located in Las Vegas. While at the NVSC, Dobson visited with NAHETS Executive Director, Matt Klabacka. As the two discussed different matters, Klabacka stressed the importance of NAHETS’ standards and safety in its training programs and facilities.

After the cordial visit, Tom returned to the NAHETS headquarters, where he reviewed the latest in Yellow Metal Boot Camp Training series with Rhet Nielson, NAHETS Creative Director.

Mike Martens; Tom Dobson; Matt Klabacka

Regarding his entire visit, Martens stated, “Tom was impressed with the physical size and layout of the NVSC training site . . . the quality of the classroom instruction, and the overall professionalism of the NVSC staff.”

Additional meetings with the Trimble corporate staff have been scheduled for October, including a presentation by NAHETS to Trimble corporate in Westminster, CO. In addition, NAHETS has been invited to participate in Trimble Dimensions 2007—an international training conference—to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this coming November.

Dobson stated that NAHETS’ emphasis on standards and safety is a key factor in any affiliation that may exist between Trimble, Inc. and NAHETS. Below is a summary of certain standards strictly observed by all NAHETS member schools and colleges:

  • Full time campus director or college president
  • Full time on site campus job placement director
  • Full time on site campus financial aid director
  • Full time on site campus admissions director
  • Full time on site Heavy equipment training director
  • Full time Certified heavy equipment training instructors
  • Minimum of 12 equipment models:
    1. backhoe
    2. bulldozer
    3. compactor
    4. crane (30 ton rough terrain)
    5. dump truck
    6. excavator
    7. forklift, rough terrain
    8. motor grader
    9. scraper
    10. skidsteer
    11. tractor gannon box
    12. wheel loader
  • 20 acre minimum heavy equipment training area
  • 3-4 classrooms dedicated to training heavy equipment operators
  • No other business conducted at training site
  • Clean administrative facilities.

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