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Simulators In Use at National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools

Posted by nahetsblog on August 27, 2007

Paul Freedman, President of Simlog, visited the headquarters for NAHETS, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, on Monday April 23, 2007. Freedman was awarded an associate membership in NAHETS and was presented with a plaque from NAHETS president, Matt Klabacka.

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Freedman granted an interview regarding the significance of simulators in the training of heavy equipment operators.

Nahets Simulator Heavy Equipment Training School Simulator NAHETS logo

According to Freedman, simulators are an essential element in the quality offered by heavy equipment training schools. “Simulators can never replace seat time; however, they do allow an individual the opportunity to enhance their skills”

Simlog was founded in 1999 to commercialize training simulation technology developed at CRIM, one of Canada’s leading research institutes in information technologies.

The Simlog website states:

Today, Simlog is a very special simulator company, for these three reasons:

1. Simlog has a unique product focus: Simlog is pioneering a brand new kind of simulator product called Personal Simulator which leverages the power of your PC to finally provide truly cost-effective training help for heavy equipment operators. Tangible recognition has come in the form of several innovation awards:
* Canadian Construction Association in 2006 for our Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator
* Construction Innovation Forum in 2004 for our Mobile Crane Personal Simulator

2. Simlog has a unique business focus: heavy equipment operator training in the crane and construction industries, forestry, and mining. We do nothing else. Practically, this means that you can count on Simlog for more and more simulator-based help to address your heavy equipment operator training needs!

3. Simlog has a unique instructional focus: because we are working in multiple heavy equipment industries, we’ve gained special insights into operator training challenges and instructional design for training simulation. Indeed, every Personal Simulator is developed in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, their distributors, owner/operators, and training professionals.

4 Responses to “Simulators In Use at National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools”

  1. Oniga hamed ibitayo said

    i wish to apply for yourHeavy Equipment Training Schools. Sir, am leaving in nigeria and i am highly interested in operating crane and forklift bcos that is my area of specializaton.i will b very glard if you can grant me admition into your school.
    i will be especting your reply as soon as possible.
    My Regard.
    Oniga H.I.

  2. i really need to learn about heavy equipment in nigeria. how can i do that.have u any office in nigeria

  3. nahets said

    We currently do not have any schools in Nigeria. As of now our schools are all located in the United States. We are happy to assist you in anyway that we can, if you are interested in leaving Nigeria to come to school. Thanks for your comments!

  4. s s onoh said

    Hi, i am a resident of the Hague in Netherland ,i’m currently working with a construction company as a helper. But due to my day to day encounter with some of the heavy constuction and demolition equipments in our place of work , i develop intrest in becoming an operator /servic man. I’m requesting to know if your organisation can offer me a traing as an operator/service man and also to know if this school have an afiliation/ branch in netherland. I also want to know what it will cost me to see this my dream come true, thanks.

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