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New Crane Operator Regulations in the Works

Posted by nahets on September 29, 2008

For the first time since 1971 the federal government is updating crane regulations. Triggered by various lethal crane accidents around the country this past year, the U.S. Department of Labor is set to release drafts of the new regulations, which focus mainly on crane operator standards.

New Standards

The new regulations will require crane operators to pass both written and practical tests in all 50 states and complete more training. Currently only 15 states and 6 cities require tests. Crane operators will have various options to become certified/qualified under the new rules:

  • Certification through accredited third-party testing organizations
  • Qualification through audited employer testing programs
  • U.S. military-issued qualification
  • Qualification by state/local licensing authorities

In addition to the certification and training of crane operators the new rules also hone in on inspecting ground conditions, crane assembly and disassembly, operating near power lines, and the use of safety devices and crane inspections.

It is expected that the final approval of all of the regulations will “likely take more than a year.”


(1) Devlin, Barrett. The Associated Press. September 18, 2008.

NAHETS Crane Operator Training & Certification

Member schools of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) across the country offer mobile crane operator training and certification programs. Each of the member schools are authorized to administer the NCCCO Mobile Crane Certification tests. They also offer training from instructors, all holding NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certifications, to prepare for the tests. Visit the NAHETS Crane Site for more information.

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Recent Fatalities Spark Action for Crane Regulations

Posted by nahets on April 7, 2008

Last month, seven people died when a crane collapsed in Manhattan, NY; two others died in Miami after a crane collapsed. The incidents have not only triggered modifications for crane safety in these cities, but in other cities across the country. With only 15 states and 6 cities currently requiring crane certification, these recent events have caused many to visit and revisit the proposal for city and state laws concerning the matter.


With few state regulations in place, the federal government oversees crane safety, largely through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). One requirement is having a “competent person” to inspect all crane equipment before use. Although few cities require some form of pre-operations inspection, this responsibility currently falls mostly to the employers, who have authority to designate a “competent person” to inspect cranes. Employers are also responsible to make sure all employees (crane operators) are “competent,” “qualified,” or “certified” to perform their tasks; however, there is no set regulation on specific training programs or certifications.


OSHA does recognize NCCCO certification as verification of meeting OSHA training requirements. The NCCCO is a private certifying organization for crane operation. The 15 states and 6 cities that require certification use NCCCO certification.


Miami-Dade County Ordinance

Taking effect March 28, three days after the March 25 accident, this is a local ordinance in the Miami-Dade County. The ordinance was proposed by Audrey Edmonson, County Commissioner of the Crane and Heavy Advisory Committee. The proposal requires trained experts to inspect all crane equipment, the certification of all crane operators, as well as a hurricane preparedness plan. This proposal will ultimately give inspectors and building officials authority to inspect and decide if the cranes safe enough to operate; they will also have authority to revoke or suspend building permits if the cranes fail to meet safety standards.

This ordinance also defines tower cranes as “permanent structures,” instead of “temporary structures.” This basically means that the cranes have to meet the same safety requirements as high rise buildings, which means there will be more requirements to meet.


Regular crane inspections vital for safe crane operatingBrooklyn Hearing Scheduled for Crane Regulations

On April 29 the City Council’s Housing and Building Committe will hold a hearing to discuss changes in construction site safety at high-rise sites. In light of the Manhattan accident, the participants’ main focus is to ensure that all sites are safe for all workers and the public who walk around the developments on a daily basis.

The Buildings Department also started inspecting all crane sites on March 20. New York City officials have also ordered that inspectors must be on site to raise or lower any cranes.


Other Cities Taking Action

The recent Miami and Manhattan accidents have caused other cities and states to consider modifying their crane operating safety procedures:

  • Dallas, TX–officials are in the beginning stages of increasing crane safety
  • Stamford, CT–Mayor Dannell Malloy has requested more frequent crane inspections
  • Charlotte, NC–has reported 10 crane-related deaths since 1997, and has renewed concerns in crane safety after the Miami and Manhattan accidents.
  • Denver, CO–Corkey Wassam, crane operator of 35 years and field representative for Winslow Crane Service, speaks out on crane safety.

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NAHETS Heavy Equipment Training Going to Saudi Arabia and Middle East

Posted by nahets on December 21, 2007

Mike Martens and Hussain Al-Zaiban after the meeting

From: Mike Martens, Director of Operations-NAHETS

This picture was taken on Dec 16th on the steps of the administrative headquarters of Saudi Aramco-Operations Division. The man to my right is Hussain Al-Zaiban, managing partner and president of Four Hands Construction Company. We had just completed a meeting (lasting 1 1/2 hrs) with eleven operations department heads and the chairman of the Saudi Council of Lift (Crane) Engineers.

Hussain and I announced that we had agreed on a working arrangement to bring NAHETS training to Saudi Arabia with Four Hands Company to take the lead as the training organization utilizing NAHETS curriculum and training methods. Four Hands would provide NAHETS standard of training to Saudi Arabia and to the entire Middle East.

The Aramco managers were extremely interested in establishing crane and rigging training and subsequent certification (for entry level and experienced operators) to comply with NAHETS/NCCCO standards. The Heavy Equipment Operator courses were of special interest to the managers of roads and infrastructure department.

The NAHETS simulator training was seen as also adding value to the training process.

We were asked as to the timetable for beginning the program and when told of the delay in processing the school license, we were told that this training was needed sooner and that they, Aramco, would exert their influence in speeding up the administrative timetable.

I would also commend Hussain and the staff of Four Hands Construction for the hospitality that was shown to me during my stay there; especially for the barbque immediately following the Aramco meeting.

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NAHETS Member: Nevada School of Construction and NCCCO Workshop in the News Months Later!

Posted by nahets on November 12, 2007

Back in May of this year, a member school of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS), the Nevada School of Construction (NVSC), hosted the largest CCO Practical Examiner Accreditation workshop ever held by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). An original press release in August was submitted on the front page of Just last week the press release was found again on the ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom site.

NCCCO and NVSC Workshop-ThomasNet

NCCCO and NVSC Workshop Original Press Release









The workshop stressed the importance of certification, standards, and safety in crane operating. This is significant because the demand for crane operators—professionally trained and certified—are high in demand in the United States. The affiliation of NCCCO and all NAHETS member schools, including the NVSC, is to satisfy this demand by providing highly trained and educated crane operators, as well as heavy equipment operators in general. Please see the above links to read the details of the workshop.

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SCCC Training Director receives NCCCO certification

Posted by nahetsblog on September 12, 2007

Since May 1, 2007, Al Loya has been with the Southern California College of Construction as our Training Director. More than twenty years ago, Al was a crane operator, but had never taken the time to get licensed. In the years since, he has been running equipment in one form or another, as well as training others in safe operation of machines.

In order to become a certified crane operator, a written and practical examination must be passed. To get Al back up to speed with crane operation, SCCC sent Al to a four-day refresher course in preparaton for taking the examination. This certification will give the Training Director more validity, as well as a boost to the credentials of the training program.

Al will also be serving as a back-up instructor to our Certified Trainer, Willie Tubbs. The Southern California College of Construction believes in upward mobility for each and every staff member, and look forward to our faculty excelling in each of their chosen professions.

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Nevada School of Construction Hosts NCCCO Workshop

Posted by nahetsblog on August 9, 2007

From the NCCCO News Center:

August 2007 – The largest CCO Practical Examiner Accreditation workshop ever held by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) was hosted May 22-24 by the Nevada School of Construction (NSOC) in Las Vegas, NV.

A total of 30 candidates from 17 states attended the mobile crane workshop, which included first time student examiners, as well as refresher and re-accrediting examiners.

As sponsor of this event, NSOC provided the location, cranes and meals for the 3- day workshop. “Crane operators are in high demand,” said Debra Forbush, NSOC Campus President. “One national company has hired about 15 of our graduates and one of the largest national mining companies is also a client.”

NSOC, a member of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS), has been operating in Las Vegas for the past three years preparing students for jobs in heavy construction, including crane operation. The school boasts over 250 years of collective experience among the instructors, and claims a national reputation for graduating operators in the construction industry.

Forbush said the crane operator training program had been a positive addition for the school and its students. “We stress safety, safety, safety!” she says, and claims safety and attitude are the two contributors to success—a belief reflected in a sign on her office wall which states, “Attitude is everything; pick a good one!”

Since January this year, Nevada has required crane operators to be certified. CCO certification is a part of the NSOC graduation requirements. Forbush noted that, with the new legislation in effect, emphasis on becoming certified had intensified. “Employers use our school as a resource to locate new talent, and our graduates use our school as a springboard to find employment nationwide,” stated Ms. Forbush.

The NSOC facility comprises a training site as well as classroom space. For hands-on training, NSOC has a Link Belt RTC-8030 mobile crane on site in addition to other heavy construction equipment. A small telescopic crane (boom truck) was rented for the Workshop so the students would have an opportunity to meet the small telescopic hydraulic crane type requirement.

Feedback from the NCCCO Workshop had been very positive, Forbush said, and she noted that she has already had several inquiries from potential examiner candidates for a repeat event.

The expanding Las Vegas skyline is currently dotted with a veritable forest of booms and jibs representing multiple crane types, working on the latest construction projects.

Forbush said NSOC was a good choice for the Workshop, since Las Vegas will clearly need more certified crane operators as growth continues and the demand for crane operators rises. “People stop on the freeway and take pictures of our city because of the unique construction scenes,” she noted.

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